iPad 2 delayed in UK due to shortages?

UK could lose out as Apple tablet stock runs low

iPad 2 popularity fuels rumours of stock shortages.

There's some nasty speculation floating around the internet that the UK launch of Apple's iPad 2, which some stateside marketing types are claiming has already sold over a million units, will be pushed back from March 25th due to stock shortages.

It's not just the UK that is facing a dirth of iPad 2s. Customers in the States who pre-ordered the devices in the States (as opposed to queueing through the night on launch day) are now being told they may face a waiting period of up to five weeks before hearing the soft thud of the 600g tablet landing on their doorsteps.

The thinking is that with orders so backed up in the US, these delays might be passed on to would-be customers in other countries as well.

A delay in Apple devices is not unprecedented. We're still waiting (breath now decidedly un-bated) for the arrival of the white iPhone 4.

Apple haven't commented on the rumours as yet (and probably never will), but that isn't stopping resellers in the US doing a roaring trade in the new tablet on eBay, where iPad 2 prices have hit nearly £2000 for the top-end, 64GB 3G tablet.

Via: Pocket Lint