INQ Android tablet launch confirmed

CEO reveals designs for tablet device already in the works

INQ CEO reveals that an iPad rival is on the cards

The INQ Facebook phone could soon be joined by an Android tablet, after INQ CEO Frank Meehan confirmed that a slate was "definitely" on the cards.

Speaking to Electricpig prior to the launch of the INQ Cloud Touch (Facebook phone), Meehan when questioned on whether the British-based company has thought about producing an Android tablet responded, “We have, definitely.”

Meehan added, “We’re very closely monitoring the whole pad situation…we’re seeing some nice designs coming out…once the overall experience for the customer is closer to the iPad, then is the time to move, otherwise you’ve just got a second rate iPad.”

It seems a release date in the very near future looks unlikely, as Meehan shared his thoughts on the Android tablets currently available on the market saying, “The customer isn’t having a great experience at the moment.”

Meehan was not a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy Tab either saying, “The 7-inch thing didn’t really go for me.”

While he believed that Honeycomb 3.0 would go some way to improving the performance of Google-powered tablets, he believes the problem lies elsewhere, “Really the problem is the store itself and the marketplace…customers are not buying enough stuff from the Android Market.”

So, we've got the INQ Cloud Touch, but would you be more excited by the prospect of an INQ Android tablet? Share your thoughts with T3 on Facebook and Twitter.

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You can check out our first look video with the INQ Cloud Touch (Facebook Phone) below

INQ Facebook phone video

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