HTC launches Titan II ‘superphone’ with Windows Phone 7

Titan gets a 4G update along with specs

HTC takes the name of its flagship Windows Phone very seriously which is also why they’ve decided to make throw in even more features

Yesterday saw the HTC Titan II launch, a phone which HTC is hoping will be the deciding factor in winning customers of the US market over to Windows Phone 7.

Boasting some serious overhauls in relation to the original UK HTC Titan (yes, sadly the Titan II is not for us mere UK mortals), the Titan II will most prominently of all, feature a 4G radio.

That means blazing fast internet and stress-free streaming for those lucky Yanks who fancy getting their hands on one.

Still featuring the enormous 4.7 inch screen, arguably only matched by the HTC Sensation XL, the Titan II also has a 1.5Ghz single-core processor to deal with all that screen-based loveliness.

On the back you’ll find a frankly ludicrous 16-megapixel camera with dual-flash and inside there’s a colossal 1,730 mAh battery to keep it all running past midday.

Not due to arrive in the UK but certainly an enviable piece of kit, if it did come to British shores would you buy one? Let us know via the comments box below…

Source: Engadget