HP WebOS Tablet launch date set for February 9th?

Invite to HP event hints to much-rumoured device

Will we finally see WebOS put to its best use?

Following on from HP’s huge buyout of ailing mobile company Palm last year, many were left wondering what the company would do with its new found assets. One of the key reasons for the acquisition was that HP took a liking to WebOS, the slick touch-operated platform found in Palm’s Pre phones.

What with HP knowing a lot about computer devices and Palm knowing a lot about operating systems, the tech world has been waiting with baited breath for the release of an iPad-rivalling tablet that combines the best of both.

Now it seems that the wait isn’t too far off, as an invitation has surfaced for an HP Palm event in San Francisco on February 9th. The invite states that we’re in for “an exciting WebOS announcement,” so our money’s on the oft-rumoured and previously confirmed tablet finally dropping.

WebOS brings slick multitasking and intuitive gesture control, but would you be keen on an HP Palm tablet? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.