HP to keep selling PC's but will scrap webOS?

Decision to keep making PC's while tablets will use Windows 8

Despite its winning features and genuinely original ideas it appears as though webOS is to be sent on the fiery funeral ship to the tech equivalent of Valhalla

HP has announced that it will in fact be keeping its PSG arm, the section of the company that makes personal computers, it will also continue making tablets however will scrap webOS in favour of Windows 8.

These huge announcements have come after HP carried out a review of the companies various departments, which had in turn been instigated after its former CEO Leo Apotheker put forward plans to sell off both the PSG arm of the company and also its webOS team suggesting the company invests more into the software and business markets taking on IBM.

The review found that the company's PC division had made a mammoth $40.7 billion just in 2010, a fairly staggering amount which would then be lost if the company did indeed decide to sell.

HP TouchPad 2 with Windows 8?

Other news from HP was that it will most probably be losing webOS, and while the Guardian reports that it could mean a loss of up to 500 jobs, it's more than likely that many of these will then be relocated back into other divisions of HP.

Talking to analysts after the PSG announcement CEO Meg Whitman has revealed that HP will be making tablets again like the HP TouchPad and that Windows 8 will be their OS of choice, with products reaching the shelves as soon as mid-2012.

What do you think, is losing webOS a great loss for the company or is Windows 8 the future? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Source: TechRadar, Guardian