Google Chrome browser for tablets? Pics reveal plans

Leaked pics reveal Google's plans to launch Chrome browser for tablets

Leaked image unveils Google is planning to release a touch version of its popular Chrome browser for tablets

Google has long since stated that its Chrome web browser is built specifically for notebooks, and that it’s not likely to make an appearance on touchscreen devices any time soon as a result.

Yet, as the screen pictured demonstrates, Google is clearly working on a touch-optimised version of the web popular browser for tablets. The picture comes courtesy of a leak from Chrome Story, who have in the past also found evidence of a full Chrome OS build for devices sporting the tablet-friendly Tegra 2 chipsets.

The shot here shows a touch keyboard bearing a striking resemblance to the one found on Android Honeycomb, as well as tabbed browsing and a suggested link to the Chrome Web app store.

Is Google about to bring its browser to tablets and oust the Android staple? Let us know your thoughts and predictions on the T3 Twitter feed.