Google Book Store coming this year

2010 launch for 'Editions' store

US readers get in on the action first, before global bookworms get a taste in 2011.

Google’s much-vaunted book store, dubbed Google Editions, is all set to launch this year. The news comes from Google’s very own Scott Dougall, who has told the Wall Street Journal that the service is being primed for a US launch this side of Christmas. Global book fanatics will get a chance to play with the new service in early 2011, he said.

“Because of the complexity of this project, we didn’t want to come out with something that wasn’t thorough,” stated Dougall. Editions had been expected to land earlier this year, with Google talking up its prospects way back in May.

The idea behind Google Editions is different to both iBooks and Kindle. Readers will be able to buy books direct from Google or independent book shops, before tying them to a Google account. Punters will then be able to log on using any device they please and bury themselves in any titles they happen to have saved in the cloud.

Editions is certainly a smart proposition. And you can bet that it’ll be shown off on that string of Android tablets expected at CES next month.

Via Mashable