Gear4 to launch Angry Birds speakers as of next week

The speakers are available for pre-order and will be out as of next week

Consumer electronics manufacturer Gear4 is to launch a set of Angry Birds speakers, currently available for pre-order. However, at up to £69.99 each, they're not something you want to be slinging about

Here at T3 HQ, we’re suckers for all things Angry Birds-related, so you could imagine our reaction when we found out that Gear4 will begin selling these set of speakers, dedicated to Finland’s most iconic games app export.

The speakers, set to be released next week, are available for pre-order on the Gear4 website and are testament to the game’s ever-growing popularity in the consumer domain.

Taking the form of the raging Red Bird (£49.99), self-destructive Black Bird (£69.99) and the egg-jacking swine that is the Helmet Pig (£69.99), each speaker is compatible with a range of electronic devices - the Black Bird is compatible with Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads, while the Helmet Pig was designed to support all generations of iPod and iPhones – including the newly launched Apple iPhone 4s.

Both also come complete with docking stations that charge your Apple gear.

Apple refusenicks on the other hand must opt for the Red Bird, which is compatible with all music players, smartphones and tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and Sony Tablet S.

Since it launched in 2009, Angry Birds has grown to become one of the most successful games apps in the world, having enjoyed over 400m downloads across iOS, Android and other mobile platforms.

Only last month it emerged that a fake Angry Birds theme park was set up in China due to popular demand, such is the success of the multi-platform game.

The Angry Birds speakers are available for pre-order from