Fable III tops UK video game chart after opening weekend

Fantasy RPG removes Fallout: New Vegas from top spot

The UK video game charts has a new leader in the form of Fable III

Fable III has topped the UK video game charts just days after launch, outselling its predecessor Fable II in the process with 128, 895 copies of the RPG shifting in its opening weekend.

Lionhead Studio’s Peter Molyneux is reportedly pleased with the opening figures and the news that the latest Fable release has removed title rivals Fallout: New Vegas from the table's top spot and into third place. The UKIE leak also reveals that Fallout: New Vegas has sold 69,613 copies since its release on the 22nd October.

In other chart news FIFA 11 has risen in the league following a strong weekend performance to take second place from Medal of Honor which has dropped to sixth. Weekend newcomer, Star Wars: the Force Unleashed II, that launched on the same day as Fable III, didn’t do too bad as it went straight into the charts in fifth place.

As to how well Fable III will do over the coming weeks, only time will tell. Peter Molyneux was said to want 500,000 people playing Fable III in order to see it a success. With over one fifth of that number reached in just the first several days alone and the Christmas gaming rush on the horizon, we’re sure it will certainly reach Molyneux’s expectations and then some.

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