Celebrity endorsement Tweets to be investigated by OFT

Micro blogging faces Fair Trading regulation

Celebs cash in off product promo tweets

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has announced it is to crack-down on unannounced paid-for celebrity product endorsements over micro blogging site Twitter.

Described as “deceptive” by the UK regulatory body, celebrities and tweeters of considerable influence are said to be profiting from their promotional 140-character announcements without revealing to their followers their affiliations and financial connections to the companies in question.

Whilst the US Federal Trade Commission has already introduced legislation that requires promotional tweets to include the words “ad” or “spon” in the States, recent action which saw the OFT bring a case against PR film Handpicked Media for reportedly paying bloggers to write positive posts, marks the first attempt to regulate such content in the UK.

Outlining the hugely influential power celebrities exude of their Twitter followers, The Guardian has revealed hip-hop artist and TV personality Snoop Dogg earns in the region of $3,000 (£1,900) for each product endorsing tweet is spews to his near 2.5 million online followers.

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Via: Guardian