Call of Duty: Black Ops is "best on Xbox 360"

Xbox targets big week with CoD and Kinect launches

Xbox proclaims self worth ahead of Call of Duty release

With the price wars of the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops release kicking in to top gear today as HMV announced it was to offer the title for just £7.99, the battle of the brands is following suit with Microsoft claiming dominance of the much anticipated game.

Xbox’s Director of Entertainment and Marketing, Stephen McGill, whilst talking with MCV, boldly proclaimed that the Xbox 360 is the best console to play Call of Duty: Black Ops and “everyone knows” it.

"Obviously everyone knows the best place to play Black Ops is on Xbox 360. But there are so many great games still to come out. For Q4 there hasn't been a better line-up for years." Probed McGill.

The unprompted attack on rivals Sony comes ahead of a big week for Xbox which, as well as targeting the largest game release of the year in CoD: Black Ops, will see the UK arrival of its well hyped motion gaming peripheral, Kinect. "With Kinect and Call of Duty it's an incredible week for retail; they are going to be so busy," said the Xbox head.

Many retailers are expected to open doors at midnight twice next week with large crowds of eager gamers and Christmas shoppers keen to get their hands on the latest addition to the Call of Duty franchise and one of the year’s must have festive gifts.

Supermarket chain Asda is one such retail giant that will be inviting gamers to queue for middle of the night store openings with more than 200 branches expected to invite gamers in for Black Ops and Kinect.

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