10 best robot lawnmowers 2017

Mowing the lawn can be an arduous task. Luckily, modern tech companies have noticed the problems that mowing a garden can present and have come up with a nifty solution: the robotic lawnmower.

If you just want an instant recommendation, we consider the Robomow RS635 the best robot lawnmower on the market right now. 

It sports a robust build, can tackle any slope up to 36 percent and packs really big blades that can slice through rough grass with ease. Want more options? Then read on.

How to choose the best robot lawnmower for you

Getting every piece of grass an even length, making sure that every area is covered, and so on can be annoying, and that's not to mention inclement weather conditions.

As the name suggests, robotic lawnmowers are just that. They happily move around a garden, cutting grass to an equal length and navigating tricky terrain while you kick back and relax.

Depending on your garden type, different mowers can work better than others - for example, if you have a MASSIVE garden you'll want a large lawnmower with plenty of battery life, and if you have a small-but-hilly garden you'll need a mower with plenty of power and grippy wheels. 

Blade width is important, as are other features, such as the ability to remote control the mower with your smartphone.

The best robot lawnmowers you can buy today

(Image: © Robomow)

1. Robomow RS635

Best for big gardens with hard-to-reach or rough grass

Mowing width: 56cm | Mowing height: 20-80mm | Maximum lawn area: 5,000m sq | Slopes: 36% | Battery type: 26v lithium | Charge time: 90-110 mins | Average runtime: 80 mins | Coverage per charge: not stated | Noise level: 66-74db | Dimensions: 73.5x66x31cm | Weight: 20kg

Good for rough areas
Big blade size
Up to 36 percent slopes

The Robomow RS635 is best for big gardens with hard-to-reach or rough grass. It's big blade size – 56cm – means it can get through a lot of cutting in a short period of time, which, added to its ability to mow lawns up to 3,600 square metres in size, makes it versatile. According to Robomow, the RS635 can handle grass that is up to 80mm long.

The RS635 is expensive, but its ability to scale 20 degree slopes, battery life that lasts up to 100 minutes, and low noise level make it the ideal purchase for anyone looking at the top-end of robotic lawnmowers.

(Image: © Flymo)

2. Flymo Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R

An exceptionally quiet and affordable mower

Mowing width: 17cm | Mowing height: 20-50mm | Maximum lawn area: 400m sq | Slopes: 25% | Battery type: 18v lithium | Charge time: 50 mins | Average runtime: 65 mins | Coverage per charge: not stated | Noise level: 45-58db | Dimensions: 58x46x26cm | Weight: 7.4kg

Attractive price point
Nice and quiet at 58 db(A)
Other models have more features

Flymo, the well-known garden appliance brand, has excelled itself with the 1200 R. The mower, which costs £650, is best for people who want a clean cut with no tyre marks or grass left around.

According to the company, the 1200 R has a blade design that is specifically designed to reduce mess which, when coupled to the excellent range – 400 square meters – makes for a very useful machine that just gets the job done.

The mower is exceptionally quiet, at just 58 db(A), which is roughly the same volume as a spoken conversation.

(Image: © John Deere)

3. John Deere Tango E5 Series II

A reliable and feature-packed mower

Mowing width: not stated | Mowing height: 19-102mm | Maximum lawn area: 2,200m sq | Slopes: 36% | Battery type: 25v lithium | Charge time: 80 mins | Average runtime: 90 mins | Coverage per charge: not stated | Noise level: 51.2-62.2db | Dimensions: 77.5x53.5x36cm | Weight: 15kg

Best-in-class blades
2,200 square metre range
Over two grand

John Deere makes some of the most reliable utility equipment around – and the Tango E5 Series II is no exception. It works in any weather condition across almost any terrain and does so quickly and quietly. Oh, and it has a range of up to 2,250 square meters.

Of course, lots of other mowers do that, too, but the Tango E5 is famous for its blade design and quality, which John Deere is proud to talk about. Obstacles, like rocks, are protected against, which reduces the need to replace the blades or make repairs to the mower.

The focus on blades may seem trivial, but its something that makes the Tango E5 Series II into one of the best robotic lawnmowers around and, as you will discover, can save an awful lot of time and energy.

(Image: © Bosch)

4. Bosch Indego 400 Connect

A smartphone app-connected mower that makes your life easy

Mowing width: 19cm | Mowing height: 30-50mm **Maximum lawn area:** 400m sq | Slopes: 27% | Battery type: 18v lithium | Charge time: 45 mins | Average runtime: 30 mins | Coverage per charge: 35m sq. | Noise level: 63db | Dimensions: 44x36.4x20.2cm

Smartphone app is neat
Several cutting techniques used
Not the best looking

Bosch has excelled itself with the Indego 400 Connect, a mower that employs several cunning techniques to make sure the lawn is perfect.

The first technique is parallel blades, that cut the grass simultaneously to avoid missing sections. This ensures that every inch of grass that needs to be cut is. The second technique is clever: Bosch has programmed the Indego 400 Connect to start mowing at different points throughout the lawn every time, which reduces the risk of over-mowing a certain section.

The clever technology doesn't stop there, however. The mower comes with a smartphone app, to help track its progress throughout the garden.

(Image: © Honda)

5. Honda Miimo 510

Low profile and versatile, the Miimo is a great option

Mowing width: 22cm | Mowing height: 20-60mm | Maximum lawn area: 3,000m sq | Slopes: 45% | Battery type: 22.2v lithium | Charge time: 60 mins | Average runtime: 70 mins | Coverage per charge: not stated | Noise level: 62db | Dimensions: 63.5x55x28.7cm | Weight: 11.9kg

Excellent maneuverability
Auto mulching feature
Massive 3,000 square-metre range
Not a lot

Honda doesn't just make cars, it also makes one of the most versatile robotic lawnmowers on the market. 

The Miimo HRM300 has a range of up to 2,200 square meters and can handle adverse weather and garden conditions.

Slopes, inclines, and unruly grass are all taken within the stride of the Miimo, thanks to its clever design, which helps balance, and nifty blades. For example, each wheel is independently powered, which improves manoeuvrability.

(Image: © Worx)

6. Worx Landroid M 800

Compact robot mower for medium-sized lawns

Mowing width: 18cm | Mowing height: 20-60mm | Maximum lawn area: 800m sq | Slopes: 35% | Battery type: 28v lithium | Charge time: 90 mins | Average runtime: not stated | Coverage per charge: not stated | Noise level: 63db | Dimensions: 55x37x26cm | Weight: 8.9kg

Ideal for medium sized gardens
Clever routing tech
Can take a while to set up correctly
Doesn't always cut to the edges

The mid-range robot lawnmower is ideal for lawns of up to 800m square, enabling you to laze in the garden at the weekend, while it does all the work.

The Worx Landroid M 800 needs a bit of setting up initially as you run its boundary wires around the edges of your lawn – just like any other robot mower, really – but once set up the unit, it (mostly) takes care of itself, being clever enough to return to its docking station in the event of heavy rain or when its battery gets too low.

One thing we like is that Landroid 800 M comes with Worx' Artificial Intelligence Algorithim (AIA) technology, which enables it to bypass narrow sections such as paths and then carry on mowing. It also includes a 'zone mode' which enables it to recognise discreet areas of your garden – front and back lawns, for example. It's also pretty good at tackling steeper areas, tackling gradients of up to 20-degrees (35 percent).

(Image: © Husqvarna)

7. Husqvarna Automower 450X

Long-range robot mower with a price tag to match

Mowing width: 24cm | Mowing height: 20-60mm | Maximum lawn area: 5,000m sq | Slopes: 45% | Battery type: 28v lithium | Charge time: 75 mins | Average runtime: 260 mins | Coverage per charge: not stated | Noise level: 58db | Dimensions: 56x31x72cm | Weight: 13.9kg

Ideal for large gardens
Can be monitored using a mobile
Long battery life
Fast recharging time
Eye-wateringly expensive

When it comes to robot lawnmowers, the Husqvarna Automower 450X is the Mercedes to Flymo's Ford: a gardening status symbol for people with deep pockets who want the very best.

You certainly get what you pay for. Aimed at larger lawns, with an operating range of up to 5,000 square metres, the Husqvarna Automower 450X also comes with a high-powered 28v lithium battery that can run for up to 4.5 hours on a single charge. That big capacity battery also charges relatively quickly too, meaning the mower's blades are ready to spin into action just 75 minutes after its returned to its charging base.

As you'd expect of a premium product like this, the Husqvarna Automower 450X can also be paired with the Automower Connect app (for iOS and Android), which enables you to keep tabs on your mower – and even tell it when to start, stop, park or adjust its cutting settings from anywhere in the world, all from your smartphone or tablet. It will even alert you and enable you to keep track of it in the event that it's stolen using its built-in GPS. How many mowers can you say that about?

Another luxury feature is its weather timer, meaning the Automower 450X will only cut the grass when it is growing most strongly, avoiding sunny and dry conditions to reduce wear and tear on the mower and your lawn.

(Image: © Zucchetti Centro Sistemi Spa)

8. Ambrogio L300 Elite R

The supercar of robot lawnmower design

Mowing width: 36cm | Mowing height: 24-64mm | Maximum lawn area: 4,000-6,000m sq | Slopes: 35% | Battery type: 25.9v lithium | Charge time: not stated | Average runtime: 5-10 hours | Coverage per charge: not stated | Noise level: 65-75db | Dimensions: 70x48x30cm | Weight: 18.4-19.8kg

Ideal for large gardens
Incredibly stylish design
Can be fitted with two batteries
Smartphone app control
Achingly expensive

If Ferrari made a robot lawnmower, it’d probably look at lot like this. 

There’s certainly no mistaking its influence on the Ambrogio L300 Elite R, whose siblings also lean heavily on Italy’s supercar heritage in their designs. And this mower certainly lives up to that billing. 

For a start, it’s capable of mowing huge areas of lawn (up to 6,000 square metres) when supercharged with not just one, but two 25.9v lithium ion batteries, giving it an incredibly long run time of up to 10 hours. It also comes with three sensors – a magnetometer, a gyroscope and an accelerometer – for precision cutting. And you can monitor and control the whole thing using the free Ambrogio Remote smartphone app for tablet or smartphone. 

Other goodies? The Ambrogio L300 Elite R also has clever self-cleaning wheels, can trundle up and down slopes other robot lawnmowers would be fear to tread. It’s even clever enough to alter the spin speed of its 36cm blades – faster for long grass, slower for short grass – and automatically does a spin cut in tougher areas for the perfect cut. 

Expensive, yes, but by crikey we want one.

(Image: © Husqvarna)

9. McCulloch ROB R1000

Basic robot mower for now much money

Mowing width: 17cm | Mowing height: 20-50mm | Maximum lawn area: 1,000m sq | Slopes: 25% | Battery type: lithium | Charge time: 50 mins | Average runtime: not stated | Coverage per charge: not stated | Noise level: 57-59db | Dimensions: 58.6x43.7x25.7cm | Weight: 7kg

Ideal for small or medium sized lawns
Programmable controls
Anti-theft protection
Limited features
Stiff competition
Only operates within a single zone

Ideal for small to medium size lawns of up to 1,000 square metres, the McCulloch ROB 1000 is an ideal entry point into the robot lawnmower world. It’s not particularly flashy or feature-packed, but it performs all the usual robot lawnmower duties – automatically mowing the lawn within its boundary wire, according to the times and dates you've programmed into it, and returning to its docking station to recharge when its battery gets low.

It also includes an audible alarm and PIN protection to help protect it against theft. And it can handle inclines of up to 25% – handy for sloping gardens. 

The McCulloch ROB R1000's biggest catch? It can  only mow within a single zone (that is a front or back lawn). Many of its rivals can handle multiple zones, enabling the whole garden to be mowed.

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(Image: © Husqvarna)

10. Gardena smart Sileno+

Intelligent robot mower with smartphone control

Mowing width: 22cm | Mowing height: 20-60mm | Maximum lawn area: 1,300m sq | Slopes: 35% | Battery type: 18v lithium | Charge time: 50 mins | Average runtime: 65 mins | Coverage per charge: not stated | Noise level: 56-60db | Dimensions: 63x51x25cm | Weight: 8.5kg

Ideal for larger, more complex lawns
Smartphone monitoring and control
Intelligent operation
Nothing really

The smart Sileno+ is part of Gardena’s smart system range, which includes things like automatic garden sprinklers. That’s handy because because the devices not only talk to each other when connected to a gateway via your home router, they also have internet access as well – and that means you can control them remotely using the free Gardena smart system app for iOS and Android. Clever. 

In practice this means that the Gardena smart Sileno+ robot mower knows only to mow the garden the garden sprinter isn’t working – and vice-versa – and it also includes Gardena’s SensorCut System, which effectively measures the height of the grass and so only cuts your lawn when necessary. 

Anything else? Unlike less capable mowers, Gardena smart Sileno+ can handle complex, sloping lawns (with inclines of up to 35%) and can navigate even narrow areas with ease. 

Affordable, good-looking and with brains to boot.