The very best iPhone 7 deals and iPhone 7 Plus tariffs and offers for July 2017

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are selling like hotcakes. Whether you want an iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7, we've got the latest deals from all the UK networks.

EE, Three, Vodafone, O2, BT, Tesco Mobile and Giffgaff all stock the handset and many networks and retailers are offering great Black Friday deals on the iPhone 7.

We've also got the very latest special offer deals right here: 

The best iPhone 7 deal right now

iPhone 7 32GB | EE 4G | Unlimited calls and texts | 5GB  data |  £75 £50 upfront | £30.99 per month with free next day delivery
Use the voucher code SAVE25 to save an extra £25 on what was already the UK's best iPhone 7 deal. That reduces the upfront cost to £50 and leaves you paying £30.99 per month for 5GB data and unlimited calls and texts. That amount of data is more than enough for 99% of people - you'd only need more if you're planning to stream lots of music and video when not connected to wifi. We have no word yet how long this deal will last but given how cheap it is against the compeition we'd wager it won't be available for long. Total cost over 24 months is £793.76View this deal: Black | Rose Gold | Gold | Silver 

SIM-free iPhone 7 prices (and the 7 Plus, of course)

iPhone 7 is available in silver, gold, rose gold and the new jet black finish in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB models. If you don't want to involve a middleman head direct to Apple's online store to pre-order your shiny new iPhone 7, while it's naturally also available from Carphone Warehouse and deal-champion as well.

  • The iPhone 7 price is £599 for 32GB, £699 for 128GB and £799 for 256GB.
  • The iPhone 7 Plus price is £719 for 32GB, £819 for 128GB and £919 for 256GB.
  • The jet black finish is exclusive to the 128GB and 256GB models.
  • The iPhone Upgrade Programme is available at UK Apple Stores with monthly payments starting at £33 and you get Apple Care+ with screen replacements for £25, too.

iPhone 7 Plus deals and tariffs: compare the right deal for you here

Here you can compare iPhone 7 Plus deals and there's another comparison widget further down the page for iPhone 7 deals.

iPhone 7 deals and tariffs: compare the right deal for you here

As usual, expect us to bring you all of the nest iPhone 7 deals as they come out, but you can also browse through the top iPhone deals right here using this clever comparison engine widget-thing.

iPhone 7 32GB | Vodafone |£100 £75 upfront | 5GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £31 per month
This is an incredible deal for a 5GB data bundle with a brand new iPhone 7, and the one that matches the super-popular deal from Black Friday. Not only is the low £31 monthly charge a market leader, the voucher code XMAS732 pushes this way out in front of the next best deal by knocking £25 off the upfront cost of the handset too. Total cost over 24 months is £819

Voucher code: XMAS732
Get this deal:
Black | Silver | Rose Gold | Gold

iPhone 7 32GB | Vodafone | £40 £25 upfront | 12GB data | Unlimited mins and texts | £37 per month
Not enough data in the deal above? Well for just an extra £100 spread over the course of the 24 month contract you can boost your data from 5GB to 12GB. The monthly cost is higher, but that's offset with a super low £25 charge upfront for the handset. Total cost over 24 months is £913.

Voucher code: ELF15
Get this deal:
Black | Silver | Rose Gold | Gold

iPhone 7 128GB | Vodafone |£90 £75 upfront | 6GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £37  per month
The deals for the 32GB iPhone 7 models above are super cheap, but if you know you'll need to pack a serious amount of apps, games, music or video files onto your new smartphone, you'll want to consider one of these iPhone 7 128GB deals. This £37 monthly fee might look a little high, but it's offset by the cheap upfront cost of just £75 thanks to the voucher code below. Total cost over 24 months is £963.

Voucher code: ELF15
Get this deal:
Black | Silver | Rose Gold | Gold

iPhone 7 128GB | Vodafone |£100 £75 upfront | 24GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £42 per month
With a larger memory capacity on the iPhone 7 128GB model, there's a good chance you'll want more than 6GB of data per month if you're away from Wi-Fi on a regular basis. For just an extra £120 over the 6GB contract you can stride forwards with a huge 24GB data deal instead. The monthly charge is another market leader and the voucher code smashes the upfront cost down to £65 to truly embarrass the competition. Total cost over 24 months is £1083.

Voucher code: XMAS7128
Get this deal: Black | Silver | Rose Gold | Gold

iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 deals and tariffs by network and shop

As usual, expect us to bring you all of the best iPhone 7 deals as they come out. We'll be updating this article constantly during that period. If you're still in the market for an older handset, check out our iPhone 6S deals and iPhone SE deals

Here are the UK network's pre-order deals:


On EE, the iPhone 7 32GB is available starting at £49.99 upfront, plus £50.99 per month for 24 months on the 5GB 4GEE Plan.

It's bigger brother, the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB is available starting at £79.99 upfront, plus £55.99 per month for 24 months on the 10GB 4GEE Plan.

Both devices are available on selected 4GEE Max plans, which include a free upgrade to the latest iPhone every year when they hand their existing handset back. 

These plans start from £65.99 per month and include 25GB data, inclusive BT Sport for the duration of the plan, UK's fastest 4G speeds, and the ability to use the customer's allowance in the EU at no extra cost. iPhone 7 32GB will be available on this plan with a £9.99 upfront cost.

It's worth remembering that EE is the only network in the UK where the iPhone 7 can use its CAT 9 functionality as a result of EE's high-speed, high-capacity EE 4G+ network. This will allow you to achieve maximum speeds of “up to” 400Mbps.

EE's Cat 9 network is currently rolling out now, and will reach over five hundred sites by December 2017.

The BT-owned network has also refreshed its 'Add to Plan' scheme, enabling you to select from a wide range of mobile accessories, including wireless headphones – and spread the cost over 11 months in your monthly bill – without ever paying more than retail price. The scheme includes Bluetooth wireless headphones, fitness trackers and much more from recognised names such as Beats, B&O, and Skullcandy.

Here are the best EE deals:

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The iPhone 7 32GB starts at £45 per month, that's £20 for the handset, and £25 for the airtime. There's an upfront cost of £179.99, which includes 5GB 4G data, as well as unlimited minutes and texts.

The iPhone 7 Plus 32GB starts at £50 per month, with an upfront cost for £189.99. That includes 5GB of data, and unlimited texts and calls.

O2 also offers The Yearly Upgrade Programme, which gives the opportunity to trade in their old phone after 12 months and move to a new one, without having to pay to end their O2 Refresh Phone Plan.

The network also caters to music fans who take out 30GB or more of data. You'll be able to use SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Deezer without the tunes eating into your data allowance. These tariffs start at £55 per month with a £179.99 upfront cost for an iPhone 7 32GB, and come with unlimited UK minutes and texts.

Customers taking an O2 Refresh tariff with at least 5GB of data will get O2 Travel absolutely free in the EU. This gives customers 120 minutes of calls & 120 texts per day, as well as all the data they need.

Here are the best O2 deals:

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Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile has a bunch of deals available from £44.75 monthly if you want the 32GB model with nothing upfront. If you're prepared to pay £180, you can bring this down to £37.25 a month. These tariffs include 3GB of data. The 256GB version will cost you around £54 a month with nothing upfront.

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Three UK will range the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in all colours and memory variants. Monthly tariffs the 32GB iPhone 7 start at £37, which includes all-you-can-eat minutes and texts, and 4GB data.

If you want the larger 32GB iPhone 7 Plus, deals start at £45 per month, including 4GB data, and all-you-can-eat minutes and texts.

Three has extended the choice available as part of its Rescue device insurance plan by adding a new lower priced 'damage cover' option. The 'Damage Cover' plans will start at just £2 per month with £20 claim excess fee. Full cover plans meanwhile begin at £3 per month with £30 excess fee, depending on the make and model of the device. It means you can be back up and running within 24 hours.

Here are the best Three UK deals:

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Here are the best Vodafone deals:

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BT is offering the 32GB iPhone 7, with 3GB data plan from £49 a month and an £80 upfront cost. Or if you need more data, get BT's 15GB plan from £59 a month with a £30 upfront cost.

BT will give you a discount of £5 per month if you also have BT Broadband, that works out to a saving of £120 over the two-year contract.

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available to order from Giffgaff after Friday 16 September. They'll come unlocked and be ready with a PAYG SIM and 4G 'goodybags' from £5 up to £20. For £20, members get unlimited UK minutes, unlimited texts and 'always on' UK data. Members will also be able to purchase both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on a pay monthly basis via RateSetter.

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