BBC Sport website given complete design overhaul

The Beeb gives the BBC Sport site its first redesign since 2003 with enhanced video content

Undergoing its first redesign since 2003 the BBC Sport website has been relaunched with enhanced video and picture content taking pride of place

The BBC has relaunched its hugely popular BBC Sport website with the hub for all the latest sporting news undergoing its first complete redesign since 2003.

Putting focus on impressive video and picture content the Beeb has given its sports website a complete overhaul with the formerly vertical navigation bar jumping to a new horizontal position atop of the newly hued layout.

“Over the last 18 months one of the most consistent pieces of feedback we had from our users was that the site was looking dated in comparison to other websites,” the official BBC announcement declared. “The redesign of the underlying architecture gave us the opportunity to update the layout and visual design to feel more modern and engaging, while improving the navigation, features and the information layout.

“Since the last redesign the number of content types available on the site has grown. There are now live text commentaries, embedded video, social media modules and dynamic statistics pages alongside the traditional text content. The new layout design takes this into account and groups similar content and information types into specific areas of the page.”

BBC Sport Features

Implementing a new visual orientated design the BBC Sport refresh has seen a number of key new features brought to the site with a global navigation feature allowing users to jump directly to any sport’s coverage from any other page.

With a new England homepage introduced visitors to the new BBC Sports website will benefit from improved and more prominent football scores, results, fixtures and tables as well as enhanced live text commentary pages and an updated video player.

What do you make of the newly implemented BBC Sport redesign? Big improvement or ugly, unnecessary rehash? Let us know via the comments box below.