Asus WAVI Xtion: Kinect-style motion controller incoming

Asus teams up with team behind Kinect

New offering set to debut in second quarter of 2011.

Microsoft isn't bringing Kinect to the PC just yet, so Asus has decided to prep its very own motion sensing effort and get itself a slice of the action. Dubbed the WAVI Xtion, it’s a joint venture with PrimeSense, who worked with the Big M on Kinect.

Due to drop some time after April, the WAVI Xtion will, “…allow users to enjoy and share PC content on TV with gestures.” It’s even got a dev kit, so wily developers can set about building dedicated apps, which punters will be able to snag at the Xtion store.

The device itself bears more than a passing resemblance to its Microsoft-made motion rival, but it could well do the business if Microsoft’s maintains its position of keeping Kinect tied to the Xbox 360.

Expect to see and hear more on the WAVI Xtion at CES 2011. You can get all the news from the Vegas gadget bash over on our dedicated microsite. And don’t forget you can keep bang up-to-date on our Facebook and Twitter pages.