Apple iPhone update to hit US in March 2011?

Updated iPhone 4 for Verizon expected in New Year

iPhone 4 being prepped for Verizon in the US

Apple has long been rumoured to be preparing an updated CDMA compatible version of its iPhone 4 handset capable of running on the Verizon network in the US with latest reports claiming the refreshed device will launch in March of next year.

The reports, which stemmed from Computer World, quote Brian Marshall, an analyst with research firm Gleacher & Co who suggests Apple is currently pushing hard with the development of the new iPhone for Verizon’s network.

However, Marshall claims that Apple will not limit its new CDMA handset to the US network that yesterday announced it will stock Apple’s Wi-Fi tablet device the iPad instead offering it up to CDMA network providers globally. "It won't be just for Verizon," he said. "There are international carriers that use CDMA, like KDDI in Japan, so I expect that Apple will make a big global push, not only in the U.S."

The analyst predicted that by opening the iPhone 4 up to more networks Apple will sell an additional 11.5 million handsets in the following year.

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