Apple iPhone 4: "Start of a new chapter" say developers

"The bar has been moved again for others to follow."

Those at the heart of iPhone app development share their views on Apple's iPhone 4

Steve Jobs’ unveiling of the Apple iPhone 4 earlier this week has fans of the Cupertino company across the globe fidgeting in eager anticipation of its imminent launch on June 24th. It isn’t just the consumers who are excited about the iPhone 4, however, developers for the Apple handsets have revealed that they believe the fourth gen iPhone will once again change the future of apps.

Speaking exclusively with, some of the world’s top iPhone developers have stated that they believe through the iPhone 4: “The bar has been moved again for others to follow.”

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Igor Pusenjak of Lima Sky, developers of the phenomenally successful and highly addictive iPhone app game, Doodle Jump said: “iPhone4 will start a new chapter in how we communicate with the introduction of FaceTime.” He added: “Multitasking, which used to be the elephant in the room, is so brilliantly implemented in iOS4 that all the other platforms that used to brag about the availability of multitasking on their platform will now look back and wish they'd waited and copied Apple's multitasking implementation as well.”

It’s not just the functionality of the new iPhone 4 that has got developers excited though. Its potential to further expand the application market that it launched to unimaginable heights with the original iPhone has many eager to see its future.

Nic Newman, European General Manager of app developers TigerSpike, sad: “Watch out for FaceTime video calling, iMovie and the new more sensitive gyroscope. Its all leading to more time spent on the device and greater interactivity with applications.''

His colleague at TigerSpike, James Stewart added his views on why the iPhone 4 is to push Android back and reclaim its mantle as the most desired of smartphone providers: “App developers like the fixed size of the iPhone display. Developing apps for Android means that developers are required to consider multiple screen resolutions and sizes for the broad range of available Android devices.”

“The iPhone 4 screen size and aspect ratio is the same as the iPhone 3GS although with a much higher resolution. This means that iPhone developers can spend all their time thinking about user experience and writing good code, instead of spending their time worrying about what their apps will look like on one handset compared to the next.”

Stewart is not the only developer who sees the potential of the iPhone 4 pushing it to eclipse its Android-based competitors. David Romilly of the Scottish-based app developers, Waracle stated: “The launch of the iPhone 4 will be sure to create another surge of application development.”

“I can only see iPhone's market increasing. We rarely receive enquiries about developing for Android and would have to consider very carefully actually taking on a job due to its relatively high cost. I find it hard to see any other smartphone challenging in the market.”

As adamant as the industry’s developers may be about the iPhone 4 being the next dominant force in the smartphone market, Android’s loyal fan base as expected has a different view. Ulrich Rozier of the French Android fan site, said: “I am not too impressed by the hardware; all other manufacturers are offering the same or something similar or will be in the next 6 months. Apple is simply trying to differentiate its product with concrete figures, such as the thickness of the phone.”

“Android has taken the lead, they are not challengers in the mobile market, but leaders. Apple is a very serious competitor, but with a single product. They make a tablet and a dedicated phone with iOS 4 while Android is everywhere.”

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