Apple iPad 2 suffers from yellow screen tint?

Badly set glue reportedly causes yellow discolouration

Un-set glue causing iPhone 4-style screen problems for iPad 2 users?

Just two days since Apple Stores across the States were ringed with customers clamouring for the latest Apple wunder-tablet, and already some early iPad 2 adopters are crying foul.

The cause of the iPad ire is a yellow tint that has appeared on several devices around the edge of the 9.7-inch touchscreen. If that sounds familiar, it's because Apple faced an identical problem with a number of its iPhone 4 handsets when the phone launched last summer.

The yellow tinting is reportedly caused by the glue Apple use to hold their iDevices' screens in place, a problem which also causes light to leak onto the screen from around the bezel. Happily, if indeed it is the same problem as with the iPhone 4, both problems fade with time, reportedly as the glue sets.

Screen discolouration aside, the iPad 2 has been selling like hotcakes in the US since its release on Friday, with Apple fans literally queueing around the block and Apple Stores across the country running out of stock. UK customers have just under two weeks to wait until the March 25th launch - fingers crossed we'll have a verdict on this iffy screen problem by then.

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Source: T3 tech videos