Apple iPad 2 sales expected to hit 22 million units in Q4

Apple expected to sell over 20m iPads ahead of Christmas

iPad 2 expected to top Christmas wish lists with 22 million Apple tablets predicted to be sold in Q4

Apple is to sell 22 million iPad tablets during the year’s fourth quarter as the market dominating device strikes a chord with festive shoppers, industry analyst Jason Schwarz has predicted.

In a blog post on Seeking Alpha industry analyst Schwarz suggested that following the iPad 2 release earlier this year Apple is to see sales of the iOS powered tablet soar ahead of the Christmas period as consumers look to add the must-have device to their gadget arsenal.

“With the era of the laptop coming to an end how should we extrapolate Apple’s recent quarter of 9.25 million iPads into the holiday quarter?” said Schwarz before adding: “It’s logical to assume that the iPad will mirror the growth that the iPhone experienced in 2010 as it grew from 8.4 million units sold in Q2 to 16.2 million in Q4, 92% growth.

“We also take into consideration the 183% year over year growth that the iPad experienced in its most recent quarter to come up with a forecast of 21.9 million iPads to be sold in this year’s holiday quarter.”

The prediction comes just days after HP ceased production of its iPad challenger the HP TouchPad as the tech giant stops support of the webOS platform. Since the decision TouchPads have dropped in price to below £90 in the UK resulting in the fledgling tablet selling out across most retailers.

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