Apple iPad 2 resolution 4x higher than iPad

iBooks app contains quadruple resolution images

Hidden iBooks backgrounds point toward huge jump in iPad 2 screen resolution.

While some will quibble that it's not a retina display as such, it looks like the iPad 2 - follow up to T3's 2010 Gadget of the Year - will quadruple the original iPad's number of pixels from 1024x768 to 2048x1536.

Evidence of the upcoming shift in resolution comes in the shape of the new iBooks app for iPad, which contains background graphics with four times the resolution of the standard iPad version. The thinking goes: if they're too big for the current iPad, what can they be for?

This wouldn't be the first time that Apple had whacked up the resolution by four on one of its iDevices: the iPhone 4 had the same bump compared to its predecessor the 3GS. Exciting, certainly, and lending weight to the rumours that the new iPads will come with upgraded processors to boot. We'll add this bit of speculation to the pile.

Via: AppleInsider