Apple iPad 2 more desirable than 'world peace' to UK

Wishlist study reveals what Britons really wasnt for Christmas

As the festive season approaches it's always nice to have your faith restored in good old British realism where cynicism rules the roost with a wishlist that surprises and delights

In a study carried out by the people behind the Grant My Wish Smartphone App it was found that out of the top 10 things Britons' would like this Christmas, the iPad 2 came a close second to having 'One million pounds' with 67 per cent of the votes.

Coming third with 64 per cent is either the surprising or completely unsurprising 'World peace' option, closely followed by 'Be famous' with 62 per cent. Other such wishes included rather surprisingly 'Cosmetic surgery' coming in as the fifth most wanted thing this Christmas with 62 per cent while 'Starting your own business' was second from last in the line up with only 46 per cent.

Apple iPad 2

It's hardly surprising that Apple's latest tablet is up there with the device offering up Apple's new iOS 5 which includes features such as gestures-based multi-tasking, Newsstand and Twitter integration. Add to that the A5 chip, front and back camera and the fact that at 0.34inches it's incredibly thin and you've got yourself one incredibly desirable product.

If you could have one piece of tech for Christmas what would it be? Let us know via the comments box below...

What makes the iPad 2 so desirable? Find out in our Apple iPad 2 video below

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