Amazon trade-in scheme now accepts electronic devices

Store adds consoles and more to trade-in service

Trade in your old tech tat to earn Amazon store credit

As of today, Amazon has extended the parameters of its trade-in service to include consoles and some other consumer electronic devices, not just software, music and DVDs. Anyone with unused or unwanted tech machinery can now send off the kit to receive an Amazon store gift card in return.

Paul Ryder, vice president of electronics at Amazon said of the adjustment that “The Electronics category is a natural extension and we are delighted to offer our customers more trade-in options.”

He went on to say that Amazon wanted to “customers the opportunity to get great value from their used electronics,” and that “hundreds of thousands of customers have already received millions of dollars in gift cards.”

What can you look to get from your tech? A cursory glance told us that Amazon will dish out £65 in store credit for a 250GB new (slim) Xbox 360 and £46.50 for a slim 120GB PS3. It’s worth noting, though, that our American brethren seem to be able to trade-in more than us. The American version of Amazon’s trade-in scheme lets users send in mobile phones and MP3 players on top of games consoles and software.

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