Acer Intel slates primed for netbook phase out

PC maker looks set to throw its lot in with tablets

New Intel Core-packing tablets readied as Acer admits netbooks are finished.

Acer has confirmed that it’s working on a pair of new Android slates which will cram in Intel’s latest Core processors, unveiled with much fanfare at CES earlier this month. Both tablets are set to rock Google’s Android OS.

And according to one Acer exec, they mark the beginning of the end for the company’s previously successful netbook range. Speaking in Thailand, Lu Bing-hsian said, “They are aimed at phasing out netbooks. That’s the direction of the market."

Considering Acer was one of the first PC maker’s to brush off concerns that the iPad was eating into its sales, that’s quite a u-turn. The Acer Aspire One was one of the leading netbooks during the micro machines’ first flush of success back in 2008.

Lu did say that simple netbooks would still be made by Acer and that it wasn’t simply going to stop producing them because of its plans for new tablets. But with Motorola, Toshiba and LG all priming Android tablets and the iPad surging ahead, it’ll need to step on it if it wants to make any sort of impact.

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Via Computerworld