iPad 2: T3 launch special

The first things to do with your iPad 2

So, the wait is over and you've finally got your hands on your iPad 2 - congratulations. But what's next?

- Download the FREE T3 iPad edition: iPad 2 special

First off, get your free copy of the T3 iPad 2 special. Just download the official T3 iPad app from the Apple App Store and your free copy of our iPad 2 special - replete with glossy photos, exclusive video and iPad 2 goodness - will be downloaded automatically. We're biased of course, but it's a great way to check out the functionality of your new iPad 2...

- Join Team Apple!

Second, declare your Apple allegiance by signing up to our Team Apple vs. Android Army competition. The most creative show of support for Jobs and Co. wins a treasure trove of tech goodies courtesy of T3.com.

- Get Downloading those apps!

With 65,000 apps on the Apple App store developed specfically for the iPad clamouring for your attention (and your cash), we've picked out the top ten free and paid iPad apps for you to download straight away. From top games to rolling news, they're the cornerstone of any app collection worth its salt.

And finally, have a browse of the ten things to do with your iPad 2 the moment you get it home, as well as ten of the top features in the spanking new iOS 4.3. Sorted.

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Apple iPad 2 video hands-on

Source: T3 Tech videos