Best TV 2016: Our pick of the top Ultra HD 4K TVs to buy today

Which 4K Smart TV should you buy?

Buying a TV is something of a horrifying experience. You can spend £300 on a 50-inch TV or £4000 on a 55-inch TV. So what's going on?

Well the answer is simple - TVs are very diverse these days and there's a lot of options. A basic TV can certainly be bought for a few hundred quid, but don't expect the sort of performance you really want in your living room. These TVs are aimed at people who don't care. You're reading this, so you plainly do care.

It's far more important to look for something that suits your needs. For example, for many people 4K is kind of pointless. Sure, there will be services along this year to help you make the most of your TV - Netflix already does - but for most your cash would get you a really great 1080p TV that will impress just as much.

So let's run through the list, and while we're doing it there will be some explanation about technologies included and why they matter.

Panasonic TX-50CX680B

A belter of a screen bargain

Proof that you don’t need to spend a mint to get a great 4K TV with superb picture performance, clean styling, as well as the Freeview Play and Firefox OS smart platforms. A belter of a screen bargain – just add a soundbar and it’ll be perfect.

Panasonic TX-50CX802B

As modern as screens get

Incredible 4K imagery, matched to 4K services from Netflix and Amazon, plus the combination of Firefox OS and Freeview Play, make this masterpiece a dream to use. As modern as screens get, this TV will future-proof your lounge.

Philips 55PUT6400

What are you waiting for?

Another 4K bargain – this Philips isn’t quite up there with the Panasonic at number one, but with loads of good features and stylish good looks, it isn’t far behind. A Philips 4K TV for just over £600. What are you waiting for?

Hisense XT910

Challenging the OLED big-hitters

Hisense is challenging the OLED big-hitters of the TV world with its curved ULED variation on the flagship theme. It’s cheaper and offers brilliant image quality. A great-looking 65-incher that won’t break the bank and performs nicely.

Sony KD-55X8505C

Integrated YouView a real boon

Gorgeous picture quality, superlative design and great connectivity. It’s let down only by the marred Android OS, though integrated YouView is a real boon for this set. Sony has delivered the goods with an amazing picture and features galore.