Simba Hybrid Topper review: breathe new life into your old bed with this luxurious topper

Simba’s Hybrid Mattress Topper brings luxury to your old mattress, but does it live up to its premium price?

Simba Hybrid Topper
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T3 Verdict

If your existing mattress is just as tired as you are in the mornings, then the Simba Hybrid topper will make all the difference. With its four layers of extra support and soft feel, it’s a luxurious instant upgrade to your mattress. While it may be too warm for some, it does provide a very comfortable sleep.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Soft and comfortable

  • +

    Removable top cover

  • +

    Stays in place

  • +

    Extra supportive

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Initial foam smell

  • -

    Top cover only machine-washable at 40 degrees

When your trusted mattress starts to dip and sag, not only is it bad for your well-being but can affect the overall quality of your sleep. But rather than forking out a fortune on a brand new mattress or bed, you could simply revive it with a mattress topper.

Investing in the best mattress topper you can find will give your mattress extra spring and support, keep it fresh, prolong its lifespan and more importantly, provide a comfortable night’s sleep. So whether your existing mattress is too soft (or too hard), a decent mattress topper can provide a great solution. Once you have found your quality mattress topper, you can also add one of the best mattress protectors to ensure that it stays fresh.

Simba is well known for its award-winning mattresses (including the Simba Hybrid Pro, at number 2 in T3's best mattress UK guide) and sleep products. And while this Simba topper is at the high-end scale of the market, it's still cheaper than investing in a whole new mattress – and regular Simba discount codes and deals mean you might not need to pay full price. So can a luxury topper really will bring you the perfect slumber? Read on for my Simba Hybrid Topper review.


Simba Hybrid Topper

(Image credit: Simba)

The Simba hybrid topper comes in a number of sizes to fit single, small double, double, king and super king. Unlike most mattress toppers, it's constructed from a combination of mini supportive springs and pressure-relieving foam. Featuring four layers, the top layer is a soft, hypoallergenic, breathable surface, followed by an open-cell ‘Simba-pure’ layer to keep you cool at night. The third is a 2,500 Aerocoil spring-comfort layer to cradle your body at night, while the final layer is a non-slip support base to prevent it from sliding around.

Simba also takes pride in its TCPP-free ‘Simba-Pure’ foam which is eco-friendly with no toxic chemicals, so you won’t be breathing in any nasty toxins while you sleep.

The surface itself is super soft with a luxurious feel, and looks top-notch. It has a contemporary blue trim around it and four large straps to fit snugly under each corner of the mattress.

While the topper itself is sponge clean only, you can easily unzip the outer cover and border to machine-wash at 40-degrees. While this temperature may not be high enough to thoroughly eliminate those pesky bugs, at least it will keep it fresh and clean. It also comes with a 14-night trial if it’s not quite right for your sleeping preferences, and a one-year guarantee for added peace of mind.


The topper arrived neatly rolled up in the Simba signature box, and quickly went from vacuum-packed to ready-to-use in seconds. It was quick and easy to place on top of my double mattress with thick, adjustable straps wrapped under each corner.

At around 7cm thick, this is thicker than most mattress toppers so you do feel like you’re lying on top of a mini-mattress. But this instant boost to my existing one provided a great mix of bounce and much-needed extra support. Thanks to its spring layer, it feels soft to lie on, without the feeling that you're sinking into the mattress.

Simba Hybrid Topper review

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While the extra height took some getting used to, there is no question about the premium comfort and cosiness at night. The soft yet firm topper provided extra support to my back and shoulders, and coped well with body movements, which is a huge bonus for a restless sleeper like me! It was also refreshing not to wake up with any aches and twinges which has often been the case with my existing mattress. If you’re a side-sleeper this is ideal, as the topper does well to keep its form throughout the night.

The topper is noticeably warmer at night, and some sleepers might find it a little too warm. The main downside, though, is the strong memory foam smell that seems to overpower the room. However, this can somewhat be resolved with an open window for the first few days!


Overall, this Simba Hybrid mattress topper is a top-quality topper to add an instant boost to your existing mattress. Its premium ‘Hybrid’ design and layers will offer a mixture of bounce and firm support to offer a great night’s sleep. Bear in mind, it may be a little too warm for some but not enough to disrupt your sleep. While it may not be the most affordable on the market, the results speak for themselves. If you can overlook the strong foam smell, the Simba Hybrid mattress topper is a worthwhile investment.

Cynthia Lawrence is a freelance lifestyle journalist and digital editor for national publications. She also has a rather unhealthy obsession for Homes & Interiors, and loves a good bargain.