Apple iPad 2 video: 10 Things you should do first

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Video: Tips, tricks and what to do first with your new iPad 2

Get essential ipad 2 tips and tricks with T3's handy guide to pimping the new Apple tablet

Apple iPad 2 Video: Tips and tricks

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After a gruelling five-hour wait at the Apple Store in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, T3 was lucky enough to pick up a brand new Apple iPad 2, a couple of weeks before it becomes available on UK shores.

Fans whooped and hollered as they left the store clutching their new gadgets, complete with an array of multicoloured Smart Covers and short of a few hundred dollars.

Sadly there's still a couple of weeks until the new tablet becomes available on UK shores, but fret not, we've already sussed out exactly what you need to do with your shiny new device when it arrives in Blighty on March 25th.

Check out our video for the 10 things you need to do as soon as you get your iPad 2 out of that pretty packaging.