Sky Glass price, release date and how to pre-order today

Sky Glass is the new 4K smart TV built by Sky, and the only TV in the world that comes with Sky built in

Sky Glass TV
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Sky Glass has been announced today in London, England.

Sky Glass is a new 4K HDR smart TV designed and built by Sky that serves all its content via a Wi-Fi connection, with no satellite dish required. The Sky TV box is built in to the TV.

And Sky Glass comes in 3 different screen sizes and 5 different colorways, with further customisation possible  through interchangeable magnetic speaker coverings.

Here's all the key Sky Glass specs and information, as well as where you can register your interest in terms of pre-orders.

The Sky Glass release date is October 18, 2021.

There are three Sky Glass TV sizes on offer and this is what they cost:

43-inch, £649

55-inch, £849

65 inch, £1,049

The Sky Glass price starts at as low as £13 per month, though. This is because you can add the cost of the Sky Glass TV hardware to a Sky TV content package, which is paid monthly. So, that £13 per month figure is for the 43-inch TV, while the 55-inch TV costs £17 per month, and the 65-inch TV costs £21 per month.

The Sky Glass warranty is 2 years.

Sky Glass

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Sky Glass pre-orders are now being taken over on the official Sky website.

Dana Strong of Sky said on the launch of Sky Glass:

"We're all managing multiple devices, and in our already complex lives we need things to be simple. Just like a smartphone is more than a phone, Sky Glass is more than a TV. We understand content, and how people like to consume it. We unbox it for you, position it, and all you need to do is plug it in."

The Sky Glass display is a 4K, HDR, Quantum Dot panel. While the Sky Glass audio is handled by a Dolby Atmos system that composes of a subwoofer and six individual speakers. These speakers combine to deliver 360-degree audio.

There are three audio-visual pre-set modes that can be selected on Sky Glass, including Sports, Music and Movie. These tweak the visuals and acoustics to best suit the content.

The Sky Glass design consists of a high grade anodized aluminium frame with woven acoustic mesh with highly crafter perforations.

There is also no Sky logo on the Sky Glass TV, so it will fit in with a variety of decors. While there is also a clever flatback design with mounting bracket built into the TV and it also packs a sleek color matched stand.

Sky Glass

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The Sky Glass colorways are Ceramic White, Dusky Pink, Racing Green, Ocean Blue and Anthracite Black.

Details about a Sky Glass upgrade program have also been revealed. The upgrade program allows Sky Glass owners to upgrade their TV free of charge when future panels are released, meaning that they can always make sure they have the best audio-visual experience.

For those with quality TVs and just want to gain the benefits that Sky Glass' new interface delivers, then there is also a new Sky Whole Home hub. This is a small MacBook Mini-sized box that costs  £10 per month and allows users to transfer the Sky Glass interface onto another TV screen or monitor.

In terms of user interface, the Sky Glass software delivers an even more connected and streamlined user interface. Content is now easier to find than before, while smart in-built features like the ability to link TVs together (between friends or family members for example) and then see each other's reactions to what is being communally watched.

All the benefits in terms of software from Sky Q also come over, including Sky's best-in-class voice search functionality. And, to be clear, Sky Glass is not replacing Sky Q, but been offered alongside it as a new product.

Sky Glass

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Here at T3 the big takeaway here with Sky Glass is that it doesn't need a satellite dish. This is an all-in-one package that runs completely off a Wi-Fi connection. T3 had previously reported that this could be incoming, so it is great to see made official.

For those people who rent their home or live in a building that cannot have a satellite dish installed this is genuine game changer. Suddenly they can get Sky TV in their home and do so with quality audio and visuals from Sky Glass.

As T3 has praised Sky for before, too, The face that Sky Glass seamlessly draws together all the disparate streaming services and content libraries together in one place also cannot be overlooked. Sky had already done miracles in terms of drawing all these sources of content together in a simple to use user interface, so the fact that Sky Glass takes this even further and simplifies the hardware experience, too, is just remarkable.

One TV, one cable and one remote is Sky Glass in terms of hardware, and that includes a Sky TV box, Dolby Atmos speaker system and 4K resolution panel. For many people it is going to be one product solution that they've been waiting for.

T3 is really enthused about Sky Glass and can't wait to test it out. Be sure to check back in to T3 soon for our full take.

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