Best 32-inch TVs 2024: ideal small TVs for bedroom, office or kitchen

The best 32-inch TVs have great features – so going small doesn't mean giving up the latest tech

Best 32-inch TVs: Image depicts 32" inch TV with remote
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The best 32-inch TVs pack a punch whilst remaining modest in size, so if you're looking for one of the best smaller TVs then you've come to the right place. These panels, with their slim designs and 32-inch scale, make these the best TVs for smaller rooms – be that bedroom, kitchen, office, or elsewhere in your home. 

If you’re looking for a 32-inch based on your budget needs, then then you may even be able to upgrade to one of the best 43-inch TVs with very little difference in price or features – bagging a bigger screen for less cash.

That being said, if you’re looking for a 4K Ultra-HD model, we don’t have any in this 32-inch list, so you’re better off having a look at our picks of the best 48- to 50-inch TVs or best 55-inch TVs. For even more budget options, you can also check out our list of best TVs under £500, where you’ll find 32-inch screens plus larger options to suit your budget. 

Best 32-inch TVs you can buy in 2024: The top 3

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The best designed 32-inch TV is the Samsung The Frame. With an anti-reflective panel that's more akin to a painting than a reflective screen, this style icon is one truly superb television. A little pricier, but it's a work of art. 

The best 32-inch TV for most people is the LG LM6300. A balance of design and features, LG is always a champion when it comes to tellies – and this set is a prime example of that.

The best cheap 32-inch TV is the Hisense A4GTUK. Sometimes it's money that talks loudest, and Hisense is one of those brands that offers an awful lot for very little cash. Don't expect design excellence, but do expect great value. 

Samsung The Frame (2021)T3 Best Buy Award badge

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1. Samsung The Frame

The best TV that's also an art gallery

Reasons to buy

Art mode is amazing
One Connect box with single cable
QLED is impressive
Can be mounted flush to the wall

Reasons to avoid

Not 4K
Pricier than many

If you're looking for a 4K TV, you'll need to look at a bigger version of The Frame: this 32-inch one is just Full HD, but at this size that's not a deal-breaker, especially when you consider that the display here is QLED – so you're getting OLED-esque contrast and colour without such prices. 

The unique selling point of this set is Art Mode, which turns The Frame into a picture or photo frame when it isn't active. It's a really great idea, especially as it helps resist the usual reflections you'd get with most panels. It needs to be seen to be believed. You get three months of free artworks with the TV, and if you choose not to subscribe afterwards you can use your own images and photos instead. 

In addition to superb picture quality you also get some clever features including mirroring from your mobile device, SmartThings support so you can start watching a movie on the bus and then pick up where you left off when you get home, and voice assistants support too. It's impressive stuff, and the only real weakness is the audio: so check out our best soundbars for Samsung TVs if you want it to sound as good as it looks.

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LG 32LM6300T3 Approved badge

(Image credit: LG)

2. LG 32LM6300

The best 32-inch TV overall

Reasons to buy

Excellent smart platform
HDR support
3x HDMI inputs

Reasons to avoid

Nothing at this price
Limits to picture quality

When it comes to the best 32-inch TVs, the LG LM63 is proof you don’t need to compromise on features just because the screen is small. This Full HD LCD TV sports a simple but sophisticated design that offers a choice of stand- or wall-mounting. There’s no shortage of connections either, with three HDMI inputs, two USB ports and built-in Wi-Fi.

There’s a direct backlight and quad-core processing for improved upscaling, sharper images and more accurate colours. There’s also full calibration controls and a range of picture modes that include one with a low input lag for gaming. The LM63 even supports HDR10 and HLG, with the latter used by BBC iPlayer, to ensure the best possible high dynamic range experience. 

It’s with video streaming services that this 32-inch TV is at its strongest, boasting LG’s award-winning webOS smart platform. This intuitive system offers a comprehensive choice of services, including Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Apple TV+, and all the UK catch-up services.

The LM63 also has Freeview HD and satellite tuners, allowing you to enjoy all your favourite broadcast programming. There’s even Dolby Audio and a virtual surround mode, making this diminutive star the 32-inch smart TV that'll best suit most people.

The Hisense 32A4GTUK smart TVT3 Award

(Image credit: Hisense)
The best cheap 32-inch TV

Reasons to buy

Quick access to streaming services
Decent picture and sound quality
Simple, compact design

Reasons to avoid

No HDR or Dolby Vision
Won’t be good for gaming
Can’t ask Alexa through the remote

A small TV that won't break the bank, the Hisense 32A4GTUK 32-inch set doesn't compromise too much on sound and picture quality to keep the price down. It has bright, accurate colours and a compact design that's very easy to set up. 

From the remote you get quick access to some of the most popular streaming services like Netflix or YouTube. It also comes with Freeview Play installed to catch up on the past week's TV. For more ways to watch, read the news or play games, the app store has plenty of possibilities as well. You can even hook it up to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices to control it by voice. 

You may think you need to spend big on a TV for decent picture quality or handy smart features, but that’s not the case – our Hisense 32A4GTUK review reveals it to be a cheap TV with loads to like, so it's a great choice for the bedroom, office or small living room.

Best 32-inch TVs you can buy in 2024: Best of the rest

Toshiba WK3CT3 Approved badge

(Image credit: Toshiba)
The best 32-inch TV for Amazon Alexa users

Reasons to buy

Amazon Alexa built-in
Plenty of ways to connect 
HD ready with HDR10 support

Reasons to avoid

Not particularly bright
Won't be great for gaming 

If you want a TV that can be integrated with the rest of your Alexa-controlled smart home, the Toshiba WK3C is a great choice. With two microphones built into the front, you’ll not only be able to use Alexa to control the TV by voice, but also use it as a smart display, so you can get all the answers to your burning questions. 

Considering how cheap it is, you won’t sacrifice too much on picture quality either. It’s far from perfect but you’ll still get vibrant colours and relatively detailed imagery. Another big plus point is the sound: it’s loud, well balanced, and you won’t feel the need to improve it with a soundbar if you plan to use this as a kitchen TV. 

Despite not having an operating system as comprehensive as many (especially LG's webOS), you’ll still be able to stream all your favourite shows from services like Netflix and Prime Video without needing to plug in extra tech, and Freeview Play incorporates UK catch-up services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4. 

Best 32-inch TVs: Is this the right size for you?

It’s hard to believe that a 32-inch TV was once considered huge, but these days this screen size is usually sought as a secondary TV. They tend to be used in locations where space is a premium or you want to view the screen up close: that means kitchens, offices, bathrooms and gyms. But for those wanting a smart screen to fit into a smaller space, the humble 32-inch Full HD TV is the ideal choice.

Obviously, don't choose one if what you really want is cinematic thrills and the height of technology – you won't find any of the best OLED TVs in this size, and they tend to lack the connectivity features of the best gaming TVs. Let's be realistic that the focus here is getting good clear pictures and sound – but at a smaller scale.

Best 32-inch TV: What to look for

The 32-inch TV is the last bastion of Full HD, so don’t expect to find any 4K panels on screens this size. That’s not really a great loss: Ultra HD is hardly going to wow you with a picture this small – unless your face is almost touching the panel.

However, some 32-inch TVs still offer HDR (high dynamic range) support, which gives you a better, brighter and more colourful picture overall. If you can, we recommend grabbing one with this feature, because it helps to make images look more lifelike and rich – it's one of the few recent TV technology improvements that's just as effective on smaller screens as big ones. Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ all offer HDR support for movies and TV.

Otherwise TVs at this size tend to be fairly stripped down in terms of features, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a decent smart platform that supports the main video streaming services. Do consider the resolution, too, as a number of 32-inch TVs are only 'HD Ready', meaning 720p, which is a reduction by half the resolution of a Full HD, or 1080p, telly – and if you're going to be sitting pretty close then you'll notice that difference. 

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