Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro MEGA deal: get them for just £149!

This wireless headphones deal is a steal: get Samsung's new Galaxy Buds Pro for £70 off!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro deal
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Earlier this year, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro launched, packing a ton of impressive tech in a sleek design, aiming to be some of the best wireless earbuds on the market. The launch price of £219 was pretty fair for what's on offer… but this deal price of just £149 at Laptops Direct makes them a hell of a good buy!

Buy Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro | Now £149 | Was £219 | Save £70 at Laptops Direct

Galaxy Buds Pro feature a two-way speaker design (meaning two drivers per ear – not common in true wireless headphones), active noise cancellation, a smart microphone setup for calls or recording, and 18 hours of battery life.

We're actually working on our Galaxy Buds Pro review right now, but we can tell you that they're extremely good headphones for this price. The speaker design makes them detailed and clear, and the noise cancelling is effective – it's not not quite as effective as the top over-ear options in our list of the best noise-cancelling headphones, but that's always the case with in-ear headphones. And also, the headphones we're referring to are twice the price!

We're really impressed with the fit and comfort of the Galaxy Buds – they're lightweight, and are remarkably discreet, considering they have a shiny finish. They don't stick far out of the ears, either.

The Galaxy Buds Pro come with a fairly compact case, and Samsung says that you can expect around five hours of battery life per charge with ANC on, plus another 13 hours of charge from the case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro | Now £149 | Was £219 | Save £70 at Laptops Direct
Featuring active noise cancellation, 13 hours of battery life with ANC on (or a whopping 28 hours with it off), a very smart design with IPX7 water-resistance, and great dual-driver sound quality, these are an incredible deal for just £149!View Deal

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