Nintendo Switch OLED restock tracker: where to buy the new console in the US

Shop smart with T3's own Switch OLED restock tracker and get your console in time for the holidays

Nintendo Switch OLED on red background
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Looking for a Nintendo Switch – OLED model before the Black Friday sales? Or even before the looming Christmas holidays hit? Well, you've come to the right place. Demand for the new Nintendo Switch console has, unsurprisingly, been very high. Already a number of retailers are finding it hard to keep up with the number of consumers trying to get their hands on the device, so that's where T3 comes in.

While not yet reaching the near-impossible heights of say the PS5, the Nintendo Switch – OLED model is reasonably straightforward to buy... if you know where to look. With chip shortages and general production lines set to continue well into 2022, it's good to stay ahead of the game as you never know when stock is going to be gone for weeks (or months) on end. 

T3's official Nintendo Switch – OLED model tracker is regularly updated, however there's a few more steps you can take to best prepare for any future drops. Namely, keeping an eye on stock trackers (Twitter is a must), having your details saved across several retailers so you can pay instantly and not miss out, as well as checking in at your local physical retailer. Why? Well, put it this way: if we had a pound for unannounced stock that turned up at stores, we could probably buy a shipment of Switch stock ourselves.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED in the US

Amazon seems to be the most reliable for Nintendo Switch OLED stock at the minute. Both the White OLED and the Neon Blue/Neon Red set is readily available but prices are high and stocks are low. 

Walmart currently has limited stock of Nintendo Switch OLED consoles. However, like Amazon, the prices are high due to them coming from third-party sellers. 

eBay does have  Nintendo Switch OLED units available but once again, prices are high. If you're really stuck, it's certainly an option – just double-check the seller you are buying from. 


Newegg also has Nintendo Switch OLED stock but prices are high as they all come from third-party sellers.  

Target has some stock available in-store for collection but it depends on whereabouts you are. Try searching the different color options and stores and you might just get lucky.  

Where the Nintendo Switch OLED is currently out of stock

My Nintendo Store
The My Nintendo Store is currently out of stock for Nintendo Switch OLED. However, it's fair to assume more will be on the way.

GameStop is currently sold out of  Nintendo Switch OLED consoles. The last restock was 10/15. Getting a ProUp Pro membership for $15 will give you an early heads-up when new stock arrives. 

Best Buy
Best Buy is currently out of stock of Nintendo Switch OLED consoles. However, it's worth checking back regularly as they are likely to have more coming. 

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