Kärcher K4 vs Kärcher K7: which pressure washer is right for you?

Having the best pressure washer can make your life a lot easier. We tested Kärcher K4 and Kärcher K7 to find the best

Kärcher K4 vs Kärcher K7
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If you're looking to get your driveway, car, or pretty much anything else absolutely sparkling this spring, you're going to need a pressure washer. We've spent a long time finding the best pressure washers and German brand Kärcher consistently ranked at the top, so we're comparing the Kärcher K4 and Kärcher K7. 

Pressure washing is a great way to avoid having to get your hands dirty or hiring a professional to do the cleaning; they're quick to set up, simple to use, and deliver fantastic results all of the time while using relatively little water. We're big fans.

The ideal pressure washer will have multiple different power settings – to avoid damaging delicate car parts, for example – as well as easy-to-use controls, a decent-sized water tank, a variety of cleaning accessories, and, most importantly, a low price. We think the Kärcher K4 and Kärcher K7 both fit the bill, so let's jump in.

Kärcher K4 vs. Kärcher K7: which has more power?

The clue is in the power: pressure washer. One of the most important factors when comparing different washers is how much power – described as both pressure, measured in bar, and flow rate – is on offer. Both the K4 and K7 offer enough power for most people, but there are some situations when you need something that can remove really tough stains, dirt, or whatever else. 

The Kärcher K4 is rated as delivering a maximum of 130 bar while the K7 offers a slightly better maximum of 180 bar, so if you're looking to really show the dirt who's boss, the K7 is the ultimate choice. Flow rate is a similar story: the K4 offers a maximum of 420 while the K7 offers a maximum of 550.

Kärcher K4 vs. Kärcher K7: portability and hoses

The next most important thing about pressure washers is how portable they are; it's all very well having a really powerful washer, but if you need to get to awkward spaces and it's too heavy, then game over. Without accessories, the K4 weighs in at 12kg while the K7 weighs in at a slightly bulkier 17.7kg. 

Hose length is important, too, because it means you might not necessarily have to more the pressure washer that much in order to get to tight sports. In this category, the K7 is the clear winner: 10 meters to the K4's 6 meters. The K7 also has a built-in hose reel. 

Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

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Kärcher K4 vs. Kärcher K7: which is best?

For some, the differences between the K4 and K7 will be meaningful, especially if you need to clean a big driveway or other large space. But if you're looking for a pressure washer that does the job, then the K4 will likely be the best choice. 

It's hard to beat the value for money on offer here, with many of the same high-end features as the K7 but for half the price. In our testing, the Kärcher K4 was regularly the best compromise between price, power, accessories, portability, and a range of other factors. 

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