Best Black Friday 80-inch TV deals

Black Friday is the perfect time to pick up a monster TV and there is no shortage of deals this year

80-inch TVs Black Friday 2021
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Do you want the biggest and best TV experience you can get? You want an 80-inch TV, the largest size that is widely available. These TVs are big. Like, really big, so you'll need a living room and furniture to match, as they weigh over 100 pounds and need a large viewing distance. These monsters also boast the latest features, like 8K video support and the latest display technologies like Mini-LEDs, Quantum dots, and super-powerful video processing chips that upsize your video to look better on their monster screens.

You can get bigger TVs, but they are specialist items that are very expensive and require a reinforced floor. Another alternative to a big TV is a projector and screen, which can create a bigger image. There are pros and cons to each, though: read our projector Vs TV guide for more details. 

These are big-ticket displays, but there are also savings to be found amongst the best Black Friday deals, as many retailers use big discounts on big displays as a way to lure customers into their store. For you, that can mean a great deal on a TV that will be the talk of the town. Check back regularly for the best Black Friday deals on 80-inch and bigger TVs!

Best Black Friday 80-inch TV deals

Available in sizes up to 85 inches, the QN900A is the top of the line for Samsung. It uses Micro-LEDs, a new display technology where every pixel has a tiny LED built-in, which can be dimmed individually. Samsung calls this technology Neo LED. That gives you deep, dark blacks and brighter, clearer colors than most OLED displays. 

LG OLED83C1 83-inch
The display on the 83-inch version of the OLED83C1 is an organic LED one, where part of the display panel glows to produce the backlight. That means the display is much thinner than most displays of this size: just 2.2 inches thick. The list of features is far from thin, though, with support for 120Hz video, fast WiFi, and top-notch image quality that our review described (opens in new tab) as "outstanding "

Sony XBR-85X900H
You don't need to spend a fortune to get an excellent 85-inch TV these days. Take the Sony XBR-85X900H, for example. This 85-inch TV has plenty of high-end features but without the cost. It's a 4K TV, so you don't get the higher resolution of 8K ones. That's fine, as there aren't many places to get 8K content at the moment anyway. You don't get 120 Hz support or the latest image processing technology. But you do get excellent image quality and decent sound. 

Top Retailers

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The deals are happening all month at Best Buy, with some serious discounts on older models from big names like LG.
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals abound at Walmart, and 80-inch TVs are big crowd pullers.
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