Best Black Friday TV sales

Black Friday sales on TVs are some of the most enticing discounts of the year, so don’t sleep on these deals

TV black friday deals
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Black Friday is one of the best times to score a huge discount on a major purchase, and they don’t come much bigger than the TV sales that come alongside the best Black Friday deals. If you look around, you’ll find many of the best TVs available with some sort of promotion, discount, or rebate going on. 

With the Black Friday TV sales, you’ll have an easier time than ever making the leap to more advanced TV technologies. Maybe it’s time you go for a 120Hz variable refresh rate TV to make for a better game experience, or perhaps you’re after a larger 8K display but have been waiting for a deal to make it more feasible. 

A lot of new features have come to TVs in just the past few years. You’ll now find mini-LED backlighting delivering extra bright visuals with exceptional contrast while colorful QLED panels are as affordable as ever and made all the more appealing with Black Friday discounts. LG and Sony’s OLED TVs also continue to impress with their perfect black levels and unbeatable response times for gaming. 

With so much going on in a TV, it may be a little hard to pick one and know you’re actually getting a good deal. We’ve rounded up deals on a bunch of our favorite TVs so you can pounce on the best Black Friday TV sale that fits your needs.



Samsung QN90A
The Samsung QN90A is a masterpiece. It delivers exceptional brightness levels with Samsung’s new Mini LED backlighting, and the Neo QLED panel makes for a wonderfully colorful image to showcase HDR content like none other. With precise backlight control, the TV can even rival OLED displays’ black levels without having the same burn-in risk or lower brightness. Samsung also delivers HDMI 2.1 for 4K/120Hz support gamers will love.


Samsung Q950TS
The bigger they are the harder they fall — the maxim holds true for expensive products on Black Friday, and the Samsung Q950TS is about as big as they come. This 85-incher provides one of the best displays you’ll find with an 8K panel, impressive AI upscaling, remarkable brightness levels, and rich black levels coming by way of 480 local dimming zones that allow it to compete with OLED panels. If you’ve got the space for it, this is definitely one to keep an eye out for discounts on.


The LG OLED C1 may not be LG’s most premium model, but it’s a really solid option. You won’t get the brightness levels of some expensive QLED TVs, but the LG OLED C1 offers the perfect black levels that only an OLED panel can. The display also gets reasonably bright and has stunning color, so HDR and cinematic content can truly dazzle. The LG OLED C1 also offers a solid platform for gamers with 4K/120Hz support, VRR, and exceedingly low lag.


Sony A8H
The Sony A8H is one for home theatre enthusiasts, as it offers a truly excellent picture and can even convert non-HDR content in HDR. Its smart handling of pictures and motion also helps ensure a cinema-worthy experience. You’ll want to close the blinds and turn the lights down, though, as the display isn’t as bright as some competitors. Sony helps make up for that some with a capable sound system built-in.


TCL R635
TCL’s R635 is already a steal before any Black Friday discounts. This TV is less than $1,000, but you won’t know it when you see all the features it offers and the picture quality it can provide. You’ll find support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision, so no compromising there. It also has mini-LED backlighting with local dimming akin to Samsung’s far more expensive offerings, and it can offer gamers a 120Hz refresh rate (at 1440p though) for smoother visuals. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.


Amazon TV Sales

Amazon TV Sales
Amazon will help you score a Black Friday TV deal the easy way. You can shop from the comfort of home, click a couple of buttons, and have a discounted TV shipped — no strapping it to your car’s roof. You’ll find plenty of options, too, as TVs are always a big seller.

Walmart TV sales

Walmart TV sales
Walmart never falls short with the sheer quantity of deals available for Black Friday. And, since Black Friday is a prime time for grabbing a new TV, you’ll definitely find plenty on offer from Walmart.

Best Buy TV sales

Best Buy TV sales
Whether you shop online or in-store, Best Buy is going to be loaded with Black Friday TV deals. You can try to figure out what you want and go snag it in a nearby store, or just order online. If the one you want is sold out, just keep looking. There will be no shortage of great TVs.

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