Apple's new iPhone revealed thanks to leak of case for 6.1-inch iPhone

The affordable new 2018 iPhone just broke cover, in a futuristic case

6.1-inch iPhone Apple

An image of the much-anticipated 6.1-inch new iPhone has been leaked by case manufacturer Ghostek. As so often is the case; manufacturers of cases are fertile territory for inadvertent leaks.

The image, reported by BGR, shows the new, affordable, LCD-screen iPhone in a futuristic case and, excitingly, it seems to confirm a number of rumours about its form and features.

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Firstly, it shows a phone that has no home button and, as a result, no Touch ID. T3 called this back in May this year, stating that you should "expect Apple’s new iPhones to all look more like the iPhone X, meaning an all-screen display that only has room for Face ID."

In this 'case' – ho ho – Apple's TrueDepth system for Face ID can be seen in the notch at the top of the display.

Next, the image shows that the bezels around the screen on this 6.1-inch iPhone are uniform and wider than on the iPhone X

This would seemingly confirm that the phone will indeed have an LCD screen. Due to an inherent limitation of LCD, Apple can't use the same design as the original iPhone X to hide the display controller as it does on its OLED models. This means a bigger chin, which in turn means a bigger bezel overall, although it's still pretty slender.

Thirdly, the new 6.1-inch iPhone will seemingly have only a single lens rear camera. As you would expect from T3, we also accurately called this too, stating that the phone would have a "6.1-inch display but a single lens rear camera".

It looks like this camera lens will use a new sensor and new optics, as it appears much bigger than the single lens unit on the iPhone 8.

Finally, it looks like the notch will be about the same size as on the iPhone X.

6.1-inch iPhone

The leaked 6.1-inch iPhone in Ghostek case picture

(Image credit: BGR / Ghostek)

Considering that leaks from this case maker have been accurate in the past, and that the design of the render is so close to the rumoured features of the new 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, which will likely be launched alongside a new 2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, we are inclined to believe that what we're looking at is accurate.

We also feel it's inevitable that Apple would introduce a new, affordable skew to its post-iPhone-X range. The likes of the OnePlus 6 and other Android rivals are specifically targeting the iPhone aesthetic and desirability but doing it for less money and offering faster internal hardware. They're redefining the 'affordable premium' model that Apple used for years, by making it affordable to a wider range of consumers.

Competition is only going to increase with the upcoming launch of the Google Pixel 3 range of phones, which are clearly gunning for the new iPhone range's scalp.

This new 6.1-inch iPhone will fight back with a more affordable price point, whilst keeping the usual excellent, all-round Apple iPhone experience and aesthetic. This should help cement Apple's dominant position in the mainstream smartphone market.

Apple's big September event can't come soon enough.