Best yoga wheels 2021: Improve strength and flexibility

Before you embark on those backbends, say namaste to our best yoga wheels

Yogi Bare Yoga Stretching Wheel
(Image credit: Yogi Bare)

You might have noticed something that looks a little like a giant velcro roller popping up on your Instagram feed, and that thing is the yoga wheel. This bit of kit has gained popularity in certain circles for its ability to support and strengthen your back bends, chest openers, hip openers and more.

Although all you really need to get started with yoga is a mat (check out our guide to the best yoga mats for our favourites), a few props can make a big difference – and many are relatively inexpensive, too. A yoga wheel is a great example. You might also want to browse the best yoga blocks – good for helping you get into tricky poses and deepening your stretches.

All of our selections have the same basic tenets covered: they're hollow, circular-shaped props designed to aid in stretching, flexibility exercises and releasing tension, so deciding on the best  yoga wheel one for you will largely come down to diameter, material and budget. 

We've rounded up what we think are the best yoga wheels available right now – read on for our top picks.

The best yoga wheel

1. ResultSport Yoga Wheel

Get results with our top-choice yoga wheel

Size: 13"
Max weight supported: 150kg (impact) / 200kg (stress testing)

Suitable for yoga poses and pilates exercises alike, this sturdy yoga wheel comes from trusted brand ResultSport. Users say it doesn't sacrifice portability for that reassuring strength though, and it strikes just the right balance by supporting users up to 150kg but remaining light enough to take to classes or the gym, thanks to a reinforced ABS plastic and eco-friendly, non-slip rubber construction. 

IVIM Yoga Wheel

2. IVIM Yoga Wheel

For cool contrasts and a super-strong core

Size: 13"
Max weight supported: 450kg

The IVIM Yoga Wheel’s distinction is that it’s both our funkiest and our strongest pick. On the latter front, it promises to support up to 1000lbs (so if you’ve ever wanted to try those gravity-defying poses with your partner, now’s the time), and the strong inner tube, again made from ABS, ensures an easy and supportive roll. With regard to the former, we couldn’t not mention the bright contrasting colours, or the patterned inner material, great if you’re really feeling like making a statement.

Yogi Bare Yoga Stretching Wheel

(Image credit: Yogi Bare)

3. Yogi Bare Yoga Stretching Wheel

Sturdy, gorgeous and responsible

Size: 12"
Max weight supported: 150kg

If you're after a yoga prop that looks a little more… well, yoga, and a little less like anonymous gym equipment, head to the wonderfully named Yogi Bare. It's made from high quality, sustainably sourced materials, including a springy layer of non-slip cork that's designed to provide grip but feel comfortable as you roll it between your shoulder blades or under your feet. There's also a few cool designs to choose from – our favourite is this understated tropical print.

Mirafit Cork Yoga Wheel

4. Mirafit Cork Yoga Wheel

A low-key wheel for minimalist practitioners

Size: 13"
Max weight supported: Over 200kg

Eco-friendly cork is a yogi’s dream, but if the mandala-printed version of the Yoga Design Lab’s version, above, is a little rich for your minimalist sensibilities, consider this ultra-cool one from Mirafit instead. With sleek wood grain effect ABS on the inner, TPE padding and cork outer, it’s tough and beautiful, and is said to offer strong support for yoga and pilates poses at home or in class. That it’s surprisingly lightweight and portable helps immeasurably towards its appeal too.