Best Super Bowl TV deals 2020: the best 4K TVs and 8K TVs for the big game

The best TVs for watching the Super Bowl, starting from 65-inches for under $500!

Best Super Bowl TVs
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With the Super Bowl 2020 date of February 2nd fast approaching, now is the perfect time to get yourself a Super Bowl TV upgrade, with a bigger, sharper screen helping you catch all the action when the Chiefs take on the 49ers.

We've found you the best Super Bowl TV deals out there right now, and we've been focusing on the big screens: 65 inches and up, all with hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars off.

If you want to see more of the top-rated TVs of all kinds (with today's best prices), you can see our best TVs guide. But that obviously tends towards the more expensive end, because the best TVs have the most advanced tech in.

Here, we're looking at the full budget range for our best Super Bowl TVs, starting from 4K 65-inch TVs for under $500, and leading up to over 80 inches and 8K wonders.

If you're able to get the game in 4K, then an 8K TV is a great option – it will have all the latest panel tech to make things look amazing, and will upscale from 4K incredibly well.

But if you'll be getting the game in HD, you're better of sticking with a 4K TV, because it won't upscale that well all the way to 8K. But that's no problem, because there are some seriously great 4K TVs here.

The best Super Bowl TV deals, in size order

Samsung 65-inch 4K UN65NU6900 TV | Save $320 | Now $477.99 at Walmart
This TV doesn't pack in Samsung's flashiest tech, but it's unbeatable bang for your buck – it's so much TV for the money! It still packs in full 4K resolution and HDR support, so if what you want is a big screen from a reliable name for a bargain, here you go.View Deal

Sony 65-inch 4K XBR65X900F TV | Save $401 | Now $1,098 at Amazon
This doesn't have Sony's latest and greatest tech (purely because it's marginally older set), but gives you fantastic image quality at a great price for the size. This is one the sweetest spots for balancing price and quality you'll find in the pre-game sales this year – it will handle motion really well, and will upscale nicely from HD if you don't get the game in 4K.View Deal

Sony 65-inch 4K X950G TV | Save $400 | Now $1,399 at Best Buy
You can get Sony's most advanced detail and motion processing – plus backlighting technology that rivals the Samsung 8K screen below for providing incredible HDR realism – in a really well-priced package here. This is advanced as 4K LCD TV tech gets, until you get into the really high-end stuff – and with this big a discount, it's a seriously good buy to get you through Super Bowl Sunday and the years beyond.View Deal

LG 65-inch 4K 65C9PUA OLED TV | Save $500 | Now $2,099 at Best Buy
LCD screens (as all the others here are) are often chosen over OLED for sports because a lot of people prefer their handling of motion, and they're often brighter, and so more visible in daylight. But OLED TVs still offer unparalleled contrast for the money, making for amazingly realistic pictures. LG's processing handles sport really well, so this 4K 65-inch screen will make the Super Bowl look excellent, and then it'll do incredible work for HDR movies and TV the rest of the year.View Deal

Samsung 65-inch 8K UN65Q900 QLED TV | Save $2,002 | Now $2,997.99 at Walmart
Samsung's 8K TV range was always surprisingly affordable for a brand-new tech, and now there are big discounts. This set uses QLED tech for amazing colors and an advanced backlight for incredible contrast and realism, plus AI-based image processing for upscaling to 8K and motion smoothing to make the game as realistic as possible.View Deal

RCA 70-inch 4K RTRU7027-US TV | Save $450 | Now $549 at Walmart
The huge discount on this makes it probably the best-value big TV here. It's also a Roku TV, so it's really easy to use and has tons of streaming services built in – in fact, with the Roku app, you can listen to what's on the TV using headphones connected to your phone. There's 4K HDR support, naturally.View Deal

Vizio 70-inch 4K V705-G3 TV | Save $100 | Now $658 at Walmart
Vizio's TVs punch well above their price bracket, and that goes double when there's money off. This is a really generous amount of screen, but still includes full 4K and HDR support, including Dolby Vision for movies.View Deal

TCL 75-inch 4K 75S425 TV | Save $200 | Now $699 at Best Buy
Go big or go home… or, better yet, go big at home. A 75-inch TV is the perfect way to get right into every play and feel every tackle – and at this size, you'll really make the most of the 4K resolution. And what a deal! You get full 4K resolution and HDR support, and with Roku built in, it's easy to watch anything you want online. You won't find this much TV for this low a price elsewhere…View Deal

LG 75-inch 4K 75UM6970PUB TV | Save $300 | Now $799.99 at Walmart
If you want to fill a massive 4K TV with LG's clever image processing and its years of panel-making know-how, this is perfect. There's also HDR support, and loads of smart TV features for the other days of the year. Taking home a TV of this size with this kind of image quality for under $1k is rare – this is a great deal.View Deal

Samsung 75-inch 4K QN75Q60R TV | Save $503 | Now $1,497.99 at Walmart
If you want a big screen but you're also a stickler for image quality, this QLED set from Samsung is ideal. You'll get amazing bright HDR images and rich colors, which will bring the game to life as much as it will movies and prestige TV. Fast refresh times and advanced processing make motion look ultra smooth, so you can actually see what's going on in great detail during plays.View Deal

Samsung 75-inch 4K QN75Q90RAFXZA TV | Save $1,502 | Now $3497.99 at Amazon
The Q90 series is the pinnacle of Samsung's 4K range, offering practically the same tech as its 8K TVs (with all the advantages that brings of amazing contrast and powerful image processing to make anything look great), but without the ultra-high-res screen. If you're looking for mind-blowing brightness and contrast, and vibrant realistic colours, this is the TV you need.View Deal

Samsung 82-inch 4K UN82RU8000 TV | Save $1,402 | Now $1797.99 at Walmart
This set doesn't include Samsung's higher-end QLED screen tech, but it's a 2019 TV with great sharpness, colors and image processing. There's HDR support, naturally, and it's designed to help keep gaming extra smooth and lag-free. But most importantly, it's a lot of inches for the money.View Deal

Sony 85-inch 4K 85X850G TV | Save $800 | Now $1,999 at Best Buy
Now we're talking – this is nearly a projector-sized screen, somehow for under $2k. It's a slightly older model, but you still get full 4K HDR support. Sony has always been at the forefront of upscaling and motion processing, so you can be sure the pictures will actually look great filling the 85-inch display. You can also choose the newer model of the same TV when you click through to the store, if you prefer, which handles detail and fast motion even better.View Deal