Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera is getting an upgrade that photographers will love

Behold, the camera update you've been waiting for

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
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Samsung is one of the best phone manufacturers in the world. Fact. It's a brand that constantly releases new features to attract more users, as well as heaps of innovations to keep it at the top of the sector.

Now, the company has released a new app enabling users to manually control camera settings on its flagship Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone, amongst several other nifty little improvements and fixes.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

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The new app furnishes users with far greater flexibility when shooting on the Galaxy S21 Ultra – though the feature that takes center stage is support for tele-cameras with optical zoom. As per the report from SamMobile (via Samsung Members forum), a new version of the Expert RAW camera app will be released on January 22 of this year, which remedies a host of bugs that had hampered users' enjoyment of the Galaxy S21 Ultra shooting apparatus.

The updated Expert RAW app for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphones changes Adobe Lightroom GUI in Viewer, prevents the app from bombing out, and remedies a pixel blur problem that had dogged S21 Ultra users, as well as boasting improved photo-shooting quality at night. It will also fix a rampant shutter speed information bug when shooting images with a long exposure time. Not bad for a single app update, and one that's been needed for a while to maximize the joy users get from their phones.

Long-awaited improvements

Through the newly-updated Expert RAW app interface on your Galaxy S21 Ultra, you can modify the values of exposure, focus, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, etc. And it doesn't stop there: Expert RAW can save images in Lossless JPEG and 16-bit DNG RAW formats. There is also histogram and HDR support. Budding and professional photographers, who rely on their Galaxy S21 Ultra in the field, will benefit from the improvements delivered from the app. 

The app can be updated via Galaxy Store and should give users of one of the best Samsung phones the long-awaited bug fixes and performance improvements they need to get the most out of their hyper-premium camera setup. 

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