5 best Mac VPNs for your MacBook or iMac 2022

Assimilate this handy piece of software into your Apple ecosystem and discover only the best Mac VPN for your iMac or MacBook device

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You may think you don't need a VPN when it comes to just about any Apple products, but equipping your device with the best Mac VPN comes with its advantages - as well as that all-important extra layer of security. And we're here to tell you exactly how it can improve the use of your iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air right here.

Able to 'spoof' websites and apps into thinking  you're elsewhere with the smooth switching up of your IP address, this means you can watch geo-restricted content on your MacBook laptop or computer, ideal if you plan to take the former traveling with you but still want to catch up on TV back home.

With many streaming platforms locking its content to certain regions, a Mac VPN will be the only way to watch when you're out of the country. What's more, a Mac VPN could help improve speeds while streaming, avoiding bandwidth throttling when doing heavy duty tasks online.

Bringing you the best Mac VPN for security and geo-unblocking, we've also taken into consideration which VPN runs smoothly on macOS, assimilating well with both optimal performance and aesthetic.

1. ExpressVPN – the best VPN money can buy

1. ExpressVPN – the best VPN money can buy
ExpressVPN tops a ton of our VPN guides, and Mac VPN is no exception. It's perfectly tailored to use on a Mac, with a clean, simple interface that hides a plethora of powerful, in-depth options. It's great for newbies and experienced users alike, and now T3 readers can claim three free months on a 12-month plan. 

2.  Surfshark – unbeatable on price

2. Surfshark – unbeatable on price
Although not as powerful as Express, Surfshark is the best-value Mac VPN around. With plenty of servers and great streaming support, it's the perfect way to stay protected on a shoestring budget. Sing up today and get 12 months free on a 12-month plan.

3. NordVPN - the most secure Mac VPN

3. NordVPN - the most secure Mac VPN
One of the biggest names in the VPN market, it's also fair to say NordVPN knows exactly what it's doing, with security at the forefront of its mind with its powerful kill switch, Double VPN feature, as well as great P2P-support.

The best Mac VPN options in 2022:

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The best Mac VPN

Number of servers: 3,000+
Server locations: 160
Maximum devices supported: 5
Mac client?: Yes
User-friendly interface?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Excellent Mac client+Amazing customer support 24/7+Really easy to set up+Unblocks all streaming services+16 languages for Mac users
Reasons to avoid
-Slightly more expensive than others

ExpressVPN is our top recommendation for a Mac VPN. This is the premium option for those that want nothing but the very greatest VPN for online security, great performance, seamless usability, and good customer support. 

As the best Mac VPN, it goes without saying its one of the best-looking apps. Its Mac client is sharp, clean, and intuitive - three things important for perfectly assimilating onto macOS. As well as the desktop client for Mac, you'll also be able to utilise its browser extension on Chrome and Firefox - although you'll have to have the desktop app installed in the first instance to use it.

With Lightway now available on all clients, too, your Mac VPN will boast some of ExpressVPN's excellent speeds, with performance peaking at 570-590Mbps. While not the fastest (that top spot is reserved for the likes of IPVanish and NordVPN), these speeds are still a leap from what they were and more than enough to do basic browsing, streaming, and more.

Speaking of streaming, ExpressVPN is one of the most capable streaming VPN, still able to unblock Netflix around the world, though admittedly it can be a bit more trial and error than it once was as the streaming giant cracks down on IP addresses. It also bypasses geo-restrictions across BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime Video without issue.

While this is pretty much a perfect VPN for Mac, it'll also work across devices including your iPhone, Android device, smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick and more with up to five devices in use at the same time. In terms of support, you'll get round-the-clock 24/7 support, on top of four Mac specific tutorials. There's also a 30-day no-questions asked refund policy so you can effectively try before you buy.

Surfshark best Mac vpn

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Bargain Mac VPN doesn't skimp on features

Number of servers: 3,200+
Server locations: 110
Maximum devices supported: Unlimited
Mac client?: Yes
User-friendly interface?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Unlimited devices +Unblocks all streaming services+7-day free trial for Mac users+Serious value for money
Reasons to avoid
-May be a little simplistic for power users

As a Mac VPN goes, Surfshark is certainly one of the most affordable, feature-packed options. Even better, the Mac app is simple and stable, both in terms of usability and the overall look of its interface. On top of that, it provides excellent security right out the box. Plus, you'll also get all the essential features such as a kill switch, split tunnelling, a choice of protocols and over 3.200 servers in 65 countries around the world. More recently, it's undergone improvements, ensuring it offers compatibility to the new Apple M1 processor.

Surfshark is also great for streaming. You'll be able to access to pretty much everything including BBC iPlayer outside the UK, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. When it comes to Netflix, Surfshark was only able to unblock the US Netflix library, but this is much the same story for most VPN services right now - with only ExpressVPN and ProtonVPN able to open the gates to other countries.

We also love Surfshark's generous unlimited connections policy, which means you'll not only be able to cover your iMac and MacBook Pro, but also your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV – and if you want to pay it forward, anyone else in your household can use it as well.

Surfshark does offer a 7-day trial specifically for Mac users. However, to bag the very best deal on this top-class VPN, sign up directly with Surfshark to make the most of its exceptionally good value plans.

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Great performance and ideal for Macs

Number of servers: 5,200+
Server locations: 59+
Maximum devices supported: 6
Mac client?: Yes
User-friendly interface?: No
Reasons to buy
+Reduced battery usage on Mac+Up to six devices at once+Very fast speeds
Reasons to avoid
-Map interface can be clunky (particularly on mobile)

There's plenty of reasons why NordVPN is a decent Mac VPN, from the inclusion of its automatic kill switch, dedicated IP addresses, strong DNS leak protection and the ability to pay in Bitcoin. 

It'll also allow you to connect up to six devices at a time which is great value for money, meaning you'll only need one subscription to keep all your devices secure. Plus, the macOS and iOS clients are minimal and simple, which can be great as a straight forward beginner platform that also offers P2P-friendly zero logs access. Not to mention performance, where NordVPN's WireGuard protocol, NordLynx, absolutely triumphed.

Peaking at 760-880Mbps, NordVPN comes in second only to IPVanish, which takes first place as the fest VPN at 750-900Mbps. This is great news for anyone even remotely concerned about using a VPN slowing down their connection.

While its map focused interface works best on iOS, it does lose some of its charm on Mac where it is more clunky, which is why NordVPN finds itself a little lower on our best Mac VPN guide.

If you can look past its quirks, though, NordVPN is certainly one of the most powerful VPN providers, not sitting that far behind the best of the best, and more than earning its place in our top 3 best Mac VPN.

The great news is it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test it before well and truly committing to the provider.

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A great Mac VPN for streaming and features

Number of servers: 1,500+
Server locations: 63 countries
Maximum devices supported: 10 with Plus plan
Mac client?: Yes
User-friendly interface?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Free plan with unlimited bandwidth+Unblocks Netflix, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video with Plus plan+Great performance on both WireGuard and OpenVPN
Reasons to avoid
-Above average prices-Need Plus plan for streaming

If you're still treading cautiously when it comes to getting a Mac VPN, ProtonVPN may just offer the perfect stepping stone as it offers a free VPN experience. Loaded with unlimited bandwidth and the opportunity to try out 24 of its 1,500+ servers in 3 countries, with its sleek, feature-loaded Mac client, you'll be wanting to upgrade in no time.

That's largely down to its sheer power, plethora of features, and amazing streaming unblocking performance - which, sadly, you can only benefit from if you sign up to its Plus plan. Let's start with its speeds. ProtonVPN ranks well with some of the fastest speeds, in part thanks to its VPN Accelerator which well and truly gives it a boost across both WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols. Averaging 720-740Mbps, ProtonVPN also offers users P2P support, its very own adblocker, NetShield, and nifty encryption tools like Forward Secrecy.

In terms of streaming, it's the only VPN other than ExpressVPN which sees success in unblocking Netflix libraries around the world, as well as the usual culprits like BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and Prime Video. 

Offering a generous 10 connections, you'll also be able to load on all the other devices in your Apple ecosystem.

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Great Mac VPN for US users

Number of servers: 1,600+
Server locations: 75
Maximum devices supported: Unlimited
Mac client?: Yes
User friendly interface?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Great graphic visual interface+Manual set-up option for Mac+Unlimited connections+Fastest VPN performer
Reasons to avoid
-Apps aren't very straightforward-Doesn't unblock Prime Video or Disney Plus

IPVanish has stood the test of time, meaning it's matured into a really impressive and reliable service over the many years it's been running. 

Nice touches like auto IP switching, a kill switch, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP support plus P2P all make this a really impressive Mac option. While paying more for ExpressVPN gets you things like more servers in more countries, a slightly better app, an enhanced user experience and that superb customer service, IPVanish will be more than enough for most needs. Plus, we're big fans of the option to view current connections via its graph visual.

IPVanish bosses claim this is the world's fastest VPN and, in our recent round of testing, we found this to be true. Peaking at 750-900Mbps, IPVanish is an exceptional performer. 

In terms of unblocking, however, it falls short. It can access Netflix and BBC iPlayer (win), but falls short with Prime Video and Disney Plus (fail).

IPVanish works brilliantly on Mac to ensure maximum connection speeds and also works across other devices with no limit on how many you can use at once. You also get a 30-day trial with money-back guaranteed.

Best Mac VPN

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How do I hide my IP address on my MacBook?

Good news, you're in the right place! A Mac VPN is the best way to conceal your IP address from prying eyes. With the main function of VPN to encrypt and secure your data, part of this means hiding your IP address, the very thing that identifies where you're browsing from, and even the device you're using.

By connecting to a VPN, regardless of which server you choose to join, as soon as your VPN is switched on, your IP address will change to make it appear as if you're browsing online from somewhere else.

Switching your IP to somewhere else in the world is just one thing that a VPN can come in handy for, and is a great foil to streamers who want to watch overseas content with the best streaming VPN, and torrenters that wish to keep their web exploits anonymous.

What is the best free VPN for Mac?

Spanning an array of VPN providers, we fully believe our top five are the best Mac VPN tools, offering both extensive functionality in terms of each one's security features, speed potential, as well as other useful tools. We've also offered a balance in terms of budget, too.

In addition, while there are some good free tools out there, if you're looking to dip your toes into the world of VPN without parting from your cash, many of our top Mac VPN choices offer a risk free trial period with 30-day money back guarantee policies. There are also a ton of amazing cheap VPN out there that do a fantastic job while saving some of your pennies.

Does Apple recommend VPN?

Of course, Mac devices are renowned for having strong defences. That said, that doesn't mean the likes of VPN and antivirus software aren't just as essential. Still, Apple doesn't offer its own company-approved recommendation where VPN is concerned. Not to worry, though. With our best Mac VPN buying guide, we're sure you'll find the perfect fit in terms of both your personal requirements and budget.

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