12-minute boxing full body workout: Tommy Duquette gets you fighting fit at home

Brace yourself for this 12-minute boxing full body workout: you WILL be working out very, very hard

12-minute boxing full body workout
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Want to get in shape for 2021? Try this this 12-minute boxing full body workout. All you need is a bit of room around, boxing gloves are optional. This boxing workout will burn loads of calories and get you fit in no time. Exercising at home is probably the most convenient way to boost metabolism naturally, all the while building some muscle too.

Boxing training plan from ex-heavyweight boxer Ed Latimore

Granted, it won't be easy. As a matter of fact, this boxing full body workout is pretty tough. Good news is, it will only take 12 minutes to complete and you will feel so much better after the workout. Better still, you can follow this workout using no equipment at all, shadowboxing your way to a fitter you.

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We have plenty of workout content here on T3 but this 12-minute boxing workout got us excited nevertheless. We worked with ex-heavyweight boxer Ed Latimore before who shared his top 3 boxing workout tips but here, you can actually follow along a full body boxing workout video. No corners were cut here.

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Alternatively, you can try the Mike Tyson bodyweight workout: it's tough, it's old school and it will make you strong. It is worth mentioning that Iron Mike's workout requires you to work out ten times a day, six days a week. Just so you know.

boxing workout 12-minute full body workout

(Image credit: FightCamp)

When we asked Tommy Duquette, Former USA National Boxing Team Member and Co-Founder of FightCamp, to put together a boxing full body workout for T3, we gave him only one criteria: make it hard. Thankfully, Tommy was up for the challenge and created a sweat-inducing, muscle-ache-the-day-after-guaranteed workout that will improve boxing skills just as well as cardio performance.

Needless to stay, this 12-minute boxing full body workout is best performed using the best boxing gloves and the best punch bag, but you can also follow along and punch the air instead with your bare knuckles, a.k.a. shadow boxing. If you are planning on tracking your sessions and checking how many calories you have burned, we recommend wearing the best heart rate monitor, but donning the best running watch or best Fitbit would also work.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of good technique. you might want to watch Tommy's workout video.

12-minute EMOM boxing full body workout by Tommy Duquette

In case you're not familiar with metcon terminology, EMOM means 'every minute on the minute'. And if that still doesn't clear up the fog, it means that you have a minute to perform each set and should you finish before the end of the minute, you can spend the remaining time resting before the next minute – and set – begins.

This 12-minute EMOM boxing full body workout consists of – you guessed it – 12 sets, and within each set, you will perform three circuits. Circuits are short and will be repeated a few times each minute; this is a tough workout after all. Focus on form and keeping your core engaged.

Don't forget to warm up before the workout by doing some stretching, light shadow boxing and some air squats and/lunges. You would want to get the heart rate up before you start the workout, otherwise you will get tired real soon. After the workout, make sure you stretch and use the best massage tools to get rid of the lactic acid from the muscles. Foam rollers are great to loosen leg/back muscles and for the arm/pecs, we recommend using the best percussion massagers

boxing workout

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Circuit 1 – Power 180s

Repeat 4 times.

Start in a square, squatted position and explode off your feet, using your core to turn your body 180 degrees to the left. Then explode back to your starting position. After, throw a Lead Hook and a Rear Hook, rotating your through your hips and keeping your core tight with each punch. Alternate by rotating to the opposite side with each successive rep.

boxing workout

(Image credit: Tommy Duquette / FightCamp)

Circuit 2 – Punch Combination

Repeat 5 times.

Stand in a close range stance on the bag with your dominant foot slightly forward. With your dominant side, hit a lead hook about stomach height and then a lead hook to about head level. Switch slightly to the other side (with dominant foot still leading) and repeat hooks with opposite hand.

boxing workout

(Image credit: Tommy Duquette / FightCamp)

Circuit 3 – Push-up - Jab - Cross

Get into a plank position on your hands then do one push up. Then, punch the bag (or air if you’re shadow boxing) while in a plank twice, alternating hands. Finally, pop-up to standing position and do boxer bounce for recovery until the next minute begins. A great way to finish off the minute and relax the arm muscles all the while keeping the heart rate at a moderate level and, of course, burning calories.

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