Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser review

It's compact and quiet, but is it any good? Find out in T3's Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser review

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T3 Verdict

The Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser is quiet and offers seriously impressive cleaning for its size. If you're looking for a compact, cordless flosser then this is the device you're looking for.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Comes with multiple attachments

  • +

    Quiet operation

  • +

    Compact and cordless

  • +

    Removes debris effectively

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Can get a little messy

  • -

    Small reservoir

  • -

    No travel bag

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Waterpik recently introduced its latest oral care product – the Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser. It's a compact and more flexible option than the brand's more traditional 'Professional' water flossers, which need to be plugged in and sit on a bathroom countertop.

It's also a more advanced version of the Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser, as it features a more streamlined design, magnetic four-hour rapid charging system, ultra-quiet operation and global voltage, which should be useful if you like to floss while travelling.

The question is, though, is the Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser any good? Well, we've been hosing down our gums for a few weeks now to find out.

Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser review: design

The Waterpik Cordless Select looks pretty good for a water flosser – it's certainly cleaner and more modern looking than the rest of Waterpik's cordless lineup. I'd quite happily leave this out on my bathroom shelf as it looks right at home next to the more recent, and also stylish, Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes.

Of course, the main reason you'll be interested in this cordless flosser is that it's lightweight, portable, and easy to store if you don't want your oral care gadgets on display all of the time.

It weighs just 336g, so you can even take this travelling if you wanted to.

The front of the Select is very smooth, but the rear of the handle section has raised dimples which make it easy to grip when it's wet.

The power button is conveniently located on the grip, making it easy to operate.

The reservoir is easy to fill without making too much mess and holds 207 ml of water. This provides 45 seconds of flossing time.

The water reservoir is a really intelligent shape which means pretty much all of the water can be sucked out using the flosser pump. It can also be removed to clean, if necessary.

The Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser comes with 4 tips that can rotate 360-degrees to reach all areas of the mouth. The tips include an Orthodontic Tip for braces and general use; a Plaque Seeker Tip which can be used for implants, crowns, bridges, and retainers; and two Classic Jet Tips.

It’s even fully waterproof, so you can water floss in the shower – if that's your thing.

Waterpik Cordless Flosser review

(Image credit: Waterpik)

Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser review: Performance

Using the Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser is easy, simply lean over the sink, Aim the tip at a 90-degree angle to gumline, and turn the unit on. A constant stream of water will start to jet out and you glide tip along the gumline and pause briefly between teeth. 

Waterpik recommends you start at the back teeth first, then move towards the front, and keep the unit upright during use for best results.

It can be slightly messy the first few times you use the device, but if you slightly close lips to avoid splashing but allow water to flow freely from your mouth into the sink then it's not too bad.

There are two settings, a low-pressure (45PSI) setting to target sensitive gums or a high-pressure (75 PSI) setting to achieve a deeper clean.

When using both settings the device is surprisingly quiet.

I found using the Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser leaves my mouth feeling incredibly fresh and clean, almost like my gums have been massaged. 

It's certainly great at removing food debris too, as I find it often dislodges particles that were missed during brushing. 

As for removing plaque, that's more difficult for me to quantify until I've visited the dentist. 

Waterpik claims if used daily, the Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser will remove plaque and debris deep between the teeth and below the gumline where brushing can’t reach.

I found it really useful around a bonded retainer on my lower incisors, as it's traditionally an area where manual flossing can't reach.

Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser review: Verdict

If you're looking for a compact, cordless water flosser then I'd recommend the Waterpik Cordless Select. It's quiet, lightweight, and offers seriously impressive cleaning for its size. It also comes with a useful number of tips, and, leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

If you're looking for more cleaning power, however, then you might want to check out the Waterpik Whitening Professional Water Flosser, which is included in our best water flosser guide.

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