Topo Athletic Trailventure WP review: A running shoe in hiking boot form

Topo Athletic Trailventure WP hiking boot is a lightweight, mid-cut boot with room for your toes

Topo Athletic Trailventure WP hiking boot review
(Image credit: Lauren Allain)
T3 Verdict

Topo Athletic Trailventure WP hiking boot is a great choice for a mid-cut, lightweight hiking boot. It provides ample ankle support, is thoughtfully constructed with durable materials, and has a waterproof inner shell that makes it suitable for hiking in all seasons.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Lightweight, supportive hiking boot

  • +

    No breaking-in time needed

  • +

    Especially roomy toe box

  • +

    Stable sole yet doesn't feel too stiff

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not great for narrow feet

  • -

    A higher rise would be better for long hiking trips for a long, epic backpacking trips

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Topo Athletic Trailventure WP is a sturdier and more trail-worthy version of the company’s running shoe. In this Topo Athletic Trailventure WP review, we put these boots though their paces to see how they fared – will they make our ranking of the best women's hiking boots

Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, the right hiking boot is one that provides necessary support but never feels too tight or heavy. Topo Athletic Trailventure WP is a supportive mid-cut boot with a cushioning footbed and waterproof liner. The boot contains all the features you’d want in a great trail running shoe, like great arch support and a roomy toe box, but is built up for ankle support and stability. The sole also includes components to ensure you keep an even footing on rough trails. 

Topo Athletic Trailventure WP review: Design

Topo Athletic Trailventure WP hiking boot is built with a cushioning midsole, a durable Vibram Megagrip outer sole, and a rip-stop synthetic upper. Topo Athletic is a brand renowned for good design, and the boot features a locking lace mechanism that allows you to choose two different tensions on the shoe. Located where the boot curves into the ankle, the mechanism allows you to lace up as tightly or as loosely as you’d like across the top of the foot and then choose a different tension for the ankle. 

Being able to customize the fit is great, especially on a hike that covers various types of terrain. Lace up the ankle more tightly for rocky terrain, but leave it looser for easy, flat trails.

The lug spacing on the sole of the boot helps with releasing mud and snow pack instead of having it clump up. The mid-foot to heel section features a flexible rock plate. This means that if you step on a sharp rock, it won’t spoil the rest of your hike.

The boot's rip-stop mesh upper means that stray branches aren't going to harm the boot, and the hard rubber toe gives added protection for the boot and your toes, should you accidentally kick a rock. A padded ankle collar provides a snug and comfortable ankle hug, without any rub spots that could result in blisters.

Topo Athletic Trailventure WP review: Comfort and performance

The Topo Athletic Trailventure WP hiking boot feels as comfortable and flexible as a running shoe, but has additional stability in the mid-foot and heel areas. We found the Trailventure WP gave great traction on both uphill and downhill slopes.

The weight of this boot is impressively light, given its stable and supportive feel, including the rock plate. The women’s size 7 weighs only 12.1 ounces, which is almost as light as it gets for a hiking boot.

The Topo Athletic Trailventure WP is available in women’s and men’s versions, with two color choices per gender. The boot also comes in a non-waterproof version which is $20 (more than £15) cheaper than the waterproof version we tested. The non-waterproof version also comes in two color options.

Should I buy the Topo Athletic Trailventure WP?

We’re left with the $1 million question – should you invest in a pair of Topo Athletic Trailventure WP hiking boots? From our testing, we found this boot to be especially comfortable and supportive on the trail, and our pair took no time to break in. They do live up to their claim to be a running shoe in hiking boot form.

Unless you have narrow feet, or don’t like the feel of a roomy toe box, the Topo Athletic Trailventure WP is a great hiking boot option. The lightweight design and mid-cut of the boot make it versatile for short day trips or even for your regular walks with the dog. For an especially technical hike, or one that spans hundreds of miles and requires a heavy backpack, we’d be more likely to wear a traditional hiking boot that offers stiffer stability and a higher rise up the ankle.

Lauren Allain is a journalist with expertise in health and fitness. Based in Seattle, Washington, she's an avid rock climber and a fan of gummy candy.