Maui Jim Night Dive Review

Stylish Hawaiian brand Maui Jim can hold its own in the sports segment

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent field of view

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    Streamlined design

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    Lightweight and durable

Reasons to avoid
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    Lacks ventilation

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Think about sports sunglasses and Maui Jim probably isn't the first name that comes to mind. It's a small brand which started on the beach in Lahaina, Hawaii, when the founders saw the need to create sunglasses which block 100-percent of the sun's harmful rays, but also enhance the beautiful colours of their island to life.

The result was Maui Jim's revolutionary PolarizedPlus2 lenses which, although more famous in its classic Aviator frames, are now available in over 125 styles - including this sporty wrap around frames.

How did we find the Night Dive from Maui Jim? Read on to find out...


The Maui Jim Night Dives are the most streamlined sunglasses we've reviewed, they're smooth and slick, unlike the much more aggressive Nike Vaporwing Elites we tested. We love the aerodynamic design.

The face is dominated by the singular wraparound polarising lens. In my eyes, they're the coolest looking sunglasses we tried - they've like a fighter pilot's visor. Unlike the Nike or Oakley shades - these are passable as a pair of stylish sunglasses as well. Of course, looking good isn't the main purpose of sports sunglasses, but it's an added bonus.

The arms are made from a lightweight plastic with injected nylon in the temples. They pinch behind the ears rather than sit on them, and thanks to the lightweight of the Night Dives they're very comfortable, and barely noticeable when you're wearing them for long periods of time.

The sunglasses weigh in at 22g.

The Maui Jim Night Dive has a lens made from polycarbonate - like the Nike Razorwing Elites. Unlike Nike, this plastic is much more rigid and similar to glass. They certainly feel more fragile than the Razorwings, but are more flexible and shatter resistant than glass-lensed shades.


Despite their polycarbonate lens the optical performance of these sunglasses is very good indeed, and considering the amount of technology Maui Jim puts in the lenses, that's exactly what you'd expect.

Every pair of Maui Jim sunglasses comes with the company's patented PolarizedPlus2 lens technology. This is a colour-infused technology which eliminates 99.9-percent of glare, 100-percent of harmful UV, and boosts colour with four different lens finishes.

We tested with Night Dives with the Neutral Grey lens - these are the darkest tints which increase contrast and colour. Maui Jim also offers the shades in Maui Rose which is easy on the eyes, Maui HT which allows for brilliant depth perception, and HCL Bronze which has a brown tint for changeable conditions.

We found the lens to be super clear, with imperceptible distortion.

Maui Jim also coats both the front and back of its lenses in Clearshell - a silicon-based hard coat which protects them from scratching. This is very useful for polycarbonate lenses which can scratch much easier than glass.

The field of view on the Maui Jim's is the best we've tested - the large shield lens offers superior vision coverage in all directions. There's zero light leakage around the top of the lens, and the rimless design means nothing intrudes into your peripheral vision.

Accessories and features

The Maui Jim Night Dive sunglasses come with both a hard nylon case and a really cool patterned soft case. They're both good quality and offer decent protection.


The Maui Jim Night Dives are a stylish, and ultimately, extremely practical pair of sports sunglasses. They look like a fighter pilot's visor and provide an excellent field of coverage from harmful rays. They're packed full of tech and certainly worthy of your attention.

The only downside we can find is the lack of ventilation - it can get very hot behind that big lens.

Spencer Hart
Style and Travel Editor

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