Hanwag Tatra Light trekking boot review

The Hanwag Tatra Light is considerably lighter than your average hiking boot. Could this be the key to cooler, faster treks?

Hanwag Tatra Light review
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T3 Verdict

The Hanwag Tatra Light will have you bounding around the hills, unencumbered by weighty footwear. They offer excellent grip, good support and are plenty comfy enough to wear for long hikes. While they might not replace your trusty (heavy) boots, as a summerweight alternative, the Hanwag Tatra Light are a great option.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very lightweight

  • +

    Excellent grip

  • +

    Also available in wide and bunion fits

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not quite as comfy as heavier boots we've tried

  • -

    There are more robust options around

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Any seasoned hiker will know that after a few miles, your boots can start to feel a whole lot more cumbersome than when you first set off. If you're looking for a lightweight option that's perfect for summer hikes, the Hanwag Tatra Light might be the best hiking boot for you. These boots weigh considerably less than other three-season options, with the aim of helping you use less energy, stay cool, and even hit a quicker pace without your boots dragging you down.

Hanwag Tatra Light review: Comfort and construction

Key in this weight saving is Hanwag's new Integral Light sole unit, which features lightweight PU on the footbed with a TPU frame running from the heel to the midfoot for additional stability. It's also shallower than you'd find on many trekking boots. We found it not quite as cushioned as our regular hiking boots, but still comfortable and stable enough to wear out for a good few hours. 

The "aggressive" rubber outsole tread is made from a Vibram rubber compound, combined with "3D PrismBase technology", which again provides a big weight saving (up to 32 per cent). We're not overly sold on the styling, which looks a little like something you'd find on a pair of basic trainers, but this sole certainly does the job to was designed to do, providing excellent grip on all kinds of terrain. 

Hanwag Tatra Light review

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The cut around the leg is lower than you'd find on the regular Tatra, with a cuff that features something called Lateral Flex (LFX) Technology, designed to "support the ankle's natural movement when walking". To this end, there's also a wider bootlace on the ankle, so you can lace this area looser, for increased comfort. We found these boots provided plenty of support, and there was no slipping around the ankle as we hiked. 

Hanwag Tatra Light review: Model options

There are quite a few different style options to choose from here, which is great. As well as women's and men's styles in a range of colourways, there's also a wide-fitting option, and a version designed specifically for those suffering from bunions (there's extra room around the big toe joint). Finally, there's the option of a waterproof Gore-Tex lining or a hypoallergenic, chrome-free leather lining to ensure your feet stay nice and dry. We tried the standard men's version, with Gore-Tex waterproofing. 

Should I buy the Hanwag Tatra Light boots?

So, to the big question in our Hanwag Tatra Light review: should you actually buy a pair? Well, the weight saving really does make a difference; making you feel all bouncy and unencumbered. The grip on these is excellent and the design provides plenty of support. So where's the crunch? They don't feel quite as robust or hardy as other (heavier) boots we've tested, and we also found them marginally less comfy... although this is all very personal, of course. 

If we were heading off on a serious trek we'd still be inclined to reach for a heavier traditional hiking boot. However, as a summerweight alternative that'll keep you light on your feet as you traverse those trails, the Hanwag Tatra Light are an excellent option. 

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