H&M StormMove 3-Layer Shell Jacket review: style meets substance in a super affordable package

Accessibly priced and comfortable to wear, it's hard to find fault in the H&M StormMove 3-Layer Shell Jacket

H&M StormMove 3-layer Shell Jacket being worn by T3 Active Writer
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The StormMove 3-Layer Shell Jacket is part of H&M’s new outdoor range and it doesn’t disappoint. Whether you're heading for a hike or popping for a walk, this waterproof jacket will keep you bone dry, but dries fast; it’ll keep you warm, but is well ventilated. Not forgetting the fact it’s less than £140 and looks good too. I say, what's not to love?

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Brilliant value for money

  • +

    100% waterproof

  • +

    Available in three colourways for both women and men

  • +

    Stylish, minimalist design

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Hood becomes too big when tightened covering eyes

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I’ll get straight to it: the H&M StormMove 3-Layer Shell Jacket is wonderful. Not only is this one of the most affordable waterproof jackets on the market, but they’ve nailed the quality, too.

Initially, when I heard H&M were launching a new Move Collection that focused on outdoor attire, I was sceptical. Some of the best waterproof jackets can rack up to over £300 – a small fortune by no means. How was H&M going to create something that was functional, durable and, most importantly, affordable? 

Well, I can confirm they did it. I took the H&M StormMove 3-Layer Shell Jacket with me on a five-day trip around Scotland, and I’m pleased to report that I was left bone dry after many walks in the torrential rain and kept warm in wild winds. If it's a waterproof jacket that you're after that isn't going to rob the bank, then the H&M StormMove 3-Layer Shell Jacket is worth your time (and investment). Read on for my full review...

H&M StormMove 3-layer shell jacket review: price and availability

The H&M StormMove 3-layer shell jacket is available to buy from H&M UK and H&M US and is also available in a men’s version. The coat retails at £139.99/$199. It is available in three different colours (green, black and blue) and sizes start from XS and go up to 4XL. 

H&M StormMove 3-layer shell jacket

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H&M StormMove 3-layer shell jacket review: features and design 

The H&M StormMove 3-layer Shell Jacket is made from H&M’s own material, ‘StormMove’, which had rigorous lab testing for breathability, waterproofness, thermoregulation and functionality. It’s extremely lightweight and certainly does tick all of these boxes. Plus, more than half the coat has been crafted from recycled materials.

To the sides of the coat are two very large zip pockets, which offer plenty of room to store your phone and snacks. The inside of the pockets has a thin mesh material lining, which, on the one hand, is good because it allows the jacket to have even more breathability. However, on the other hand, it is thin, and at times, I did worry whether my finger would go straight through it. The jacket sleeves have adjustable velcro tabs, and the hood is very large with toggles on the inside so that you can tighten it around your face.

Underneath each arm of the jacket, you’ll also find two long zips for extra ventilation, and there are two toggles on the inside of the jacket at the bottom to tighten the bottom.

The design of the jacket is very minimalist, and it has a relaxed silhouette, so you can still wear a decent amount of clothing underneath. I think it’s a good-looking waterproof that you’d be happy to wear out and about, whether you were in the city, hiking or taking the dog for a walk. 

H&M StormMove 3-layer shell jacket review: performance and comfort

The StormMove 3-layer shell jacket first accompanied me on a road trip round the Scottish highlands and Isle of Skye. It rolls up extremely small, so I was able to easily stuff it into my backpack and whip it out whenever I needed, which was quite frequently. As you can imagine, in Scotland we experienced unpredictable weather (that being lots of rain). One day it tipped it down. My legs were soaked as I wasn’t wearing waterproof trousers. But, when I unzipped the jacket back in the car my clothes were bone dry and the velcro tabs on the sleeve cuffs had done an excellent job at not letting any water in. It also dried very quickly too.

H&M StormMove 3-layer Shell Jacket worn by T3 Active Writer

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On another occasion, hiking up Beinn Dubh, the jacket also proved its durability in extreme winds. Despite how windy (and wet) it got, I was kept warm and had enough room inside the jacket to wear it over the three different layers that I had on. The only frustrating thing during this experience was that, at the time, I hadn’t spotted the toggles in the hood, so I was constantly holding it throughout the hike to stop it from blowing back.

However, since trying this feature out, my only gripe is that the hood covers my eyes when tightened. The long zips underneath the sleeves were also particularly useful. When we made it back down the mountain and were no longer cold but sweating, I could just unzip these and get the ventilation I needed without having to take off a load of layers.

I also felt the jacket was a practical length. It sat a few inches below my hips and about halfway down my bum. It’s, therefore, not too short or too long either, with plenty of room to move your legs freely without any restrictions. Even on sunny days when there was a subtle chill in the air, as soon as I put the jacket on, I instantly felt sheltered. Also, I received lots of compliments on how nice the jacket looked, which I've never experienced before with a waterproof jacket.

H&M StormMove 3-layer shell jacket review: verdict

H&M StormMove 3-layer shell jacket

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I think H&M has done a fantastic job with this waterproof jacket, especially with it costing as much as it does. It ticks everything you'd want/need from a waterproof coat - it's breathable, has great features, it's light and easy to take out and about with you and, most importantly, it really is waterproof.

It certainly did me well on my travels. Although the hood is a great size, and I love the additional bit of material at the front to stop the rain going into your face, it just becomes too big when tightened and does fall down easily. The coat material is flexible and moves well with the body, so it's very comfortable. All in all, I'd say it's a pretty damn good waterproof jacket.

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