Beurer MG 149 Shiatzu massage cushion review: a basic but effective at-home massage solution

The Beurer MG 149 is a massage cushion that straps to your chair to provide a soothing Shiatsu style massage in the comfort of your own home. Here's our review

Beurer MG 149 Shiatzu massage cushion review
(Image credit: Beurer)
T3 Verdict

The Beurer MG 149 isn't the coolest looking Shiatsu massage cushion around, but those nodes pack a punch for a satisfying at-home massage.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Strong and satisfying massage

  • +

    Strap makes positioning simple

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Can't control direction of rotation

  • -

    Heat function very gentle

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The Beurer MG 149 Shiatsu massage cushion is a portable massager that straps to the back of your chair. There, rotating nodes ease away aches and pains in your shoulders, lower back, or you can use it on your legs. There's also an added heat function you can toggle on and off, for an extra relaxing experience. I tested one out to see if it's good enough to sit amongst today's best massagers – read on for my full Beurer MG 149 Shiatzu massage cushion review.

Beurer MG 149 review: design and features

The Beurer MG 149 Shiatzu massage cushion isn't the best-looking massage cushion I've ever seen – although granted, it's generally a market that prizes function over looks, so it's not on its own there. There's a grey outer made from a kind of plasticky feeling fabric that you could wipe down (practical) and mesh over the four rotating nodes, which are made from solid plastic.

Thick, sturdy elastic straps on either side are designed to attach it to a chair in a position of your choosing. This massage cushion needs to be plugged into the mains to work, and slightly oddly the flex is positioned near the centre middle of the cushion. It's not a major issue in use, though.

There's one large 'On' button to activate the nodes. Press it again to turn the heat on (the massage area will glow red), and again to switch it off. Unlike other massagers, you can't choose the direction of node rotation – it cycles through maybe 30 seconds in one direction then automatically changes. After 20 minutes of massage, the Beurer MG 149 will switch itself off, to prevent "overstimulation'. 

best home massager: Beurer MG 149 Shiatzu Massage Cushion

(Image credit: Beurer)

Beurer MG 149 Shiatsu massage cushion review: use

Despite its quite basic looks, the Beurer MG 149 Shiatsu massage cushion is one of the most effective I've tried. The nodes are powerful and will withstand enough pressure to deliver a satisfying massage. Like the other massage cushions we've tried, the heat function is very gentle. In fact it's barely noticeable through clothing. 

Although this cushion is heavier than it looks, I found the thick elastic straps kept the cushion securely in place on a regular sized office chair, and it was easy to adjust the height to target different areas of the back. Obviously, you will need to have a solid-backed chair in your house to use these straps.

Beurer MG 149 Shiatzu massage cushion review

(Image credit: Beurer)

Beurer MG 149 Shiatsu massage cushion review: verdict and alternatives to consider

The Beurer MG 149 Shiatsu massage cushion does one thing well: delivers a powerful massage. It's not the best looking massage cushion, and it's lacking in bells and whistles – the ability to toggle the direction of massage yourself, for instance – but I'd much rather that than a great looking cushion that delivers an underwhelming experience. For the price, I'd say it represents great value too. 

If you don't want to have to sit near a power outlet, take a look at the Homedics Gel Shiatsu Massage Cushion, which works wirelessly (and looks stylish to boot). You might also prefer the squidgy gel massage nodes to the Beurer's hard plastic ones, although I found the latter delivered a more satisfying and powerful massage. 

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