Yes, you can play Doom on a robot lawnmower

It's about time!

Doom on the Husqvarna mower
(Image credit: Husqvarna)

Do you ever feel like gardening is as exciting as well... watching the grass grow? Maybe dispatching demons with a shotgun would liven things up? That's right, it's my pleasure to bring you the news we've all been waiting for. You can now play Doom on your lawnmower. 

Sadly, it's not the gloriously gory 2016 remake but the classic 1993 version, but come on that's still pretty impressive right? The geniuses behind this (taking gaming back to its roots) are landscaping company Husqvarna which announced "One hell of an update" for its Automower NERA robotic lawnmower models in April this year. 

If you've got visions of donning a VR headset and using your beloved robot lawnmower to fight off hordes of nasties, then you'll have to keep dreaming. What you can do however is play the game on the mower's small display using the control knob the move love and right, pressing it in to fire and holding the start button to move forward. Not necessarily the most intuitive control system, but it is also a lawnmower. 

The update will arrive on April 9th, but you'll have to act fast because you'll only have until September 9th to complete the game before it's removed from the mowers. If you already own a compatible Husqvarna device you can pre-register for the update here. Bad news for US readers, it won't be available for your beautiful lawns, but UK, European and Australian owners can enjoy a classic title like they've never seen it before. I can't wait for the speed runs.

Doom's famously robust code has seen it implemented pretty much anywhere you could imagine, and some you couldn't - like pregnancy tests and even gut bacteria. I also feel obliged to mention the Skyrim smart fridge edition and the fact that you can even play Bethesda's RPG on an Alexa with just your voice.

Andy Sansom
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