WhatsApp upgrade lets you hide your Last Seen and Profile Picture from contacts of your choice

New changes make it easier to ghost someone...

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WhatsApp is about to launch a new feature to help keep your privacy intact on the messaging platform. A new visibility option is currently undergoing testing that lets you hide your information from specific contacts. 

More robust privacy controls regarding WhatsApp's visibility settings were announced back in September, but the feature has only now started rolling out with the latest WhatsApp beta update, which you can try if you're signed up to the testing program.

The new visibility settings offer more flexibility by helping users control what elements of their profile are exposed to others like Last Seen, Profile Picture, and About. According to WABetaInfo, the new controls let users tinker with the elements on display, enabling people to change what's visible for specific contacts. 

These more granular controls land in WhatsApp beta v2.21.23.14 for Android, which introduces the new visibility option for a few users. You'll need to get hold of the latest download, head over to Privacy Settings, and then select the new “My Contacts Except...” button. From here, you can select contacts you want to block. The visibility setting applies, as above, to your WhatsApp Status, Last Seen, and About info –selected contacts will be restricted from seeing your settings, and this also means you won't be able to see their status either.


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Remember that this feature is still only available to a limited number of users on the beta testing program. The folks over at WABeatInfo expect that it'll get a stable rollout sometime soon, so it's worth keeping an eye on our posts for any further updates. 

Three recent updates have significantly boosted the user experience on WhatsApp by letting users have greater control over in-app voice messages. These privacy-based changes are another example of WhatsApp responding to user concerns on some of the best iPhone and best Android phones

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