WhatsApp just got a major time-saving upgrade

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You're a popular person dear reader. You know when you reach a certain level of popularity, going through your WhatsApp messages can become a chore. Well, luckily a new upgrade rolling out to users from today will make much easier to get your priorities straight. Like having your own secretary if you will. 

So what's the upgrade? Well, dubbed Chat Filters, they do exactly what it says on the tin - allow you to filter your chats. There are currently three different filters you can use, and each sounds like something that I'll use pretty much every day. 

The first filter option is 'All'. It's pretty simple this one, the standard view you know and love. All of your messages are arranged in the order they were sent/received. In all honesty, this is more of an absence of filter. The second is more useful, 'Unread' displays only messages that you have marked as unread or that you have seen but are avoiding tapping on because your social battery needs to recharge. 

Finally, the third filter dubbed 'Groups' just displays all of your group chats in one place. I imagine this will probably be the most used and most chaotic of the three filters, at least if your WhatsApp group chats are anything like mine. The filter will also show subgroups of communities. 


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This isn't necessarily the most exciting upgrade in the world but it's one that millions of people will likely use. It's rolling out now and across the coming weeks so don't be surprised to find your WhatsApp looking a smidge different one of these days. As you can see above, the three filters will be in little bubbles above your chats so not easy to miss! 

WhatsApp is of course owned by Meta (of Instagram and Facebook fame) so perhaps these filters could make their way to the social networks too, that would certainly be handy. 

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