WhatsApp is making another last ditch bid to stop you from leaving

WhatsApp privacy policy debacle sees the messenger service scrambling to keep users from fleeing

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WhatsApp is making another desperate bid to tryi to hang on to its userbase after the Facebook-owned messaging service gave users an ultimatum last month: allow your data to be shared with Facebook, or use another app. 

The update to the terms is as confusing as it is unnecessary, but WhatsApp is forging ahead regardless, pushing back the new privacy policy acceptance deadline, while telling users their data is still under wraps. The latest attempt to stop the mass exodus has been spotted in the latest beta version for Android.

WABetaInfo spotted the new Terms of Service Alert, that once again informs users of the upcoming changes, and explains in simpler what they'll mean. You can check out the screenshot from the outlet below. 

While EU users are protected by EU privacy laws, everyone else had until February 8 to accept the new changes. The move backfired spectacularly, as users said 'okay' and left in droves to switch to apps like Signal and Telegram.

WhatsApp tried to mitigate the damage, assuring users it wouldn't be compromising their privacy with the privacy policy update with the use of in-app status messages. It also extended the deadline to from February 8 to May 15, rather than noting that its userbase would rather leave than have Facebook share their data around.

WhatsApp privacy policy change

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With the new alert, WhatsApp is reiterating that it still can't read or listen to personal conversations, which are end-to-end encrypted, stating this will never change. Personal details aren't used for user profiling, or targeted advertising on Facebook, and while the changes will allow improved solutions or businesses, chatting with them via WhatsApp is optional.

Considering it foisted the ultimatum out there to begin with, there's a lot of desperate backpedalling going on now that users are taking WhatsApp up on its offer and going elsewhere, but clearly reverting the privacy policy back to an opt-out situation isn't on the list of last ditch attempts to keep users from leaving.

If you've got no interest in staying with WhatsApp and want to look at your other options, you can check out these eight WhatsApp alternatives instead.  

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